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Still thankful…

I’ve mentioned before that I’m blessed.  Yeah, I whine a bit too but overall I’m pretty happy.  Thanksgiving this year was better than last year’s even if it was a little bittersweet being the first one without Dad.  I have to say it was the absolute least stress-filled holiday I’ve enjoyed in some time!  Friday it rained all day so I got to be lazy without even trying!  Score!  Saturday I finished knitting a scarf and then cleared out my knitting trunk.  After bagging up a lot of yarn for Goodwill and tossing a bunch of other stuff, my trunk is clean and organized!  For now.  Sunday I went to the Fashion Bug sale:  50-70% off!  Finally found a red cardigan I liked for less than $15!!!  Thank you very much!

Then I started to knit a sweater I’ve been wanting to make for the new granddaughter, who is just over 3 months.  It took many, many tries but I finally got close enough to the proper gauge that I figured I could proceed.  Still trying to proceed… after multiple attempts at getting the correct number of stitches cast on I finally reached 156 this morning before leaving for work!  Too bad I need 160 and I ran out of yarn on that attempt.  Sigh.  I left it all on the needles though and will adjust it later.  Then I can actually start the dang thing.  Have I mentioned that I haven’t knitted seriously in some time? 

And one last thing I am thankful for right now:  WE ARE BACK ONLINE!  (Insert sound of crowd going wild here.)  As of yesterday afternoon we have internet access again!  Woo hoo! 

Finally, here are more attitude of gratitude quotes.  Thanks for following along this month.

“The smell of campfire on sweaters and sleeping bags.”  Kari Mosden, Seattle WA

“The fall of pure white snow that transforms my world without a murmur.”
Annette Eckart, Medford, NY

“Remembering to be grateful.  Realizing your blessings is a blessing in itself, and it opens the door to as much positivity as you are willing to invite in.”
Matthew Laurence, Gloucester, MA

“Eyes to see the natural wonders of the earth, ears to hear sweet sounds, a mouth to speak freely, arms to hug, legs to walk, and feet to be tickled.”
Lorraine Fraga, Stoughton, MA

2 thoughts on “Still thankful…

  1. Yay! Bubbe’s back for real, not just when she can be sneaky at work!!! Knitting…..I never managed to learn that one, I dabble in crochet but I do it like I sew: BADLY even by amateur standards! I love sweaters and scarves and those cute little beret type hats knitted in soft as a baby’s behind yarn….

    • I’m lousy at sweaters, except for the Surprise baby sweater which I’m trying to start. The one I finished for myself was actually crochet and one sleeve was longer than the other. Good thing it was for me! I rock scarves though, I made Hubs a Doctor Who scarf one year. It felt like it TOOK a year too! Plus I can make some hats and have even done a pair of socks. Note: A PAIR OF SOCKS. As in one pair. I started a second but never finished it having fallen prey to the dreaded “Second Sock Sydrome” that stalks knitters everywhere! It’s good to be back! 😀

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