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Happy Thanksgiving!

As I sit here at work pondering the irony that is the short work week, I try to remember to be thankful that I am employed.  Yet I whine about having to come to work and plow thorough three days which feel like three weeks. 

If it was slow I could understand the week dragging.  Usually this time of year things do slow down.  This week?  Not so much.  The accounting department needed extra hands to help with filing and team player that I am, I volunteered.  It helped that I could do it at my desk as time allowed.  I’ve been sorting those stacks for the last two days and I’m still only up to the Js.  Several drafts of an agreement needed to be proofed, reformatted and printed.  A table had to be drawn and filled in with the appropriate information.  Another document was compared to an earlier version.  Add in that I needed to arrange for personal service of legal documents on someone who doesn’t speak English and may not even be home … and you see how my day is going.

But overall I’m grateful for my job.  It’s often frustrating but I mostly like it.  I LOVE the people I work with.  Several times I’ve contemplated moving on to find the rumored greener grass, but it would mean leaving behind the attorneys I support and that’s not something I could do easily.

On a completely different note — I’m all caught up with my blog reading!!  Yay! 

Another completely different topic — I think I may have over-medicated when I was hurting earlier.  Keeping my eyes open is a bit difficult at the moment.  It’s a good thing the really important work I needed to do is done already.  A nap might be in order…..

In closing (before I really do fall asleep), have a wonderful holiday peeps.  Enjoy the family time and the yummy food.  Count your blessings.  (Why yes, that is an order!)


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