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Today’s reasons for gratitude

“First, a husband who found time to put up our first birdhouse, and second, that we had occupants right away.  Bluebirds know good work.”  Kathy Johnson, High Point, NC

 “A husband who understands why I keep latex paint in a container marked “macaroni salad” in the refrigerator.”  Helene Turner, Tallahassee, FL

That’s a story I’d like to hear. 🙂

“Thanksgiving potluck dinners with mashed potatoes, turkey, pumpkin pie, and wall-to-wall people who aren’t afraid to sit on the stairwell to eat.”  Elizabeth Krenik, Le Center, MN

“The scent of wild honeysuckle in the dark air as I walk among the trees.  Though I know that out there, in the world beyond my small woods, more fearsome things lurk, I stretch my arms to the moon, inhaling the safe, damp night.”  Arlene Mandell, Santa Rosa, CA 

“A little orange cat with birth defects.  I saved his life, and he saved mine.”  Jane Johnston, Coos Bay, OR

I think I may have something in my eye (sniff). 

“Waking without an alarm clock.”  Cheryl Charming, Gainesville, FL

“My friends.  Like the peppers in chili, they spice up my life.”  Carol Bolden, Cleveland, OH

And MY friends, online and off.  Thank you so much for being my friends.  HUGS for everyone!

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