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…just one of the things I’m thankful for.  The Seattle area is experiencing the first deluge of the season.  Heavy rain and high winds are expected to cause flooding in the usual areas.  Landslides are also a possibility.  The inundation is projected to continue through the week. 

“We have a virtual fire hose of water directed at western Washington,” said KIRO 7 meteorologist Morgan Palmer.

According to the KIRO 7 website’s story, “Crews spent Sunday cleaning drains in advance for the heavy rain.”  Wouldn’t you think they’d want to start clearing drains more than a day ahead?  It would make sense to me to clear them while the weather is actually cooperative.  But hey, that’s me.  They’re professionals after all!

This is the perfect weather to return home and curl up with a cozy blankie, a good book and something hot to drink.  I can’t wait till quitting time! 

Stay dry and warm my friends. 

More thanks:

“Down pillows and flannel sheets in January.”  Julie Hockley, Greeley, CO
Or November in Seattle.

“My friendships with people both much older and much younger than myself.  I learn from their experiences and pass along my own.”  Paula Kirman, Edmonton, Alberta

“The perspective I gain from every new day and every new experience.  The older I get, the better life becomes.”  Matthew Laurence, Gloucester, MS

“The written word and endless cups of tea.”  Brianna Mewborn, Clearwater, FL
Amen!  Though I think I might get bored with tea and have to change it up some.

4 thoughts on “Umbrellas…

  1. Mmmmmmm freshly washed flannel sheets….is there anything more homey and comfortable?? I don’t think so! My Kid has not mentioned this deluge your getting, it’s sad I have to get her news from my Bud! Although in her defense, she has been busy building trees (don’t ask) and planning yum yum’s for the Governors Inaugural Ball that she’s helping to cater….

    • It’s entirely possible that she isn’t getting it quite as bad as we are. The peninsula is almost in a weather pattern all it’s own sometimes. Though I did see Kitsap County included on the flood watch list. Congrats to her on landing that primo gig too! I’m sure she’ll wow them!

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