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If I Won the Lottery

Lately I’ve noticed advertisements on our buses for the Washington State lottery.  I’m uncertain how long this ad campaign has been going on or why it suddenly stood out for me.  From what I’ve seen the gist of these ads is what would you do if you won the lottery – and apparently the wilder the better.  One I recall in particular shows a vessel similar to an aircraft carrier, only it’s covered by a golf course.  The caption says something like, “I’d play golf all over the world.”  There’s another with a line of motorcyclists closely following each other but I’ve never seen it clearly enough to read the caption. 

We’ve probably all imagined winning the lottery at least once.  I’ve heard of folks who say they would quit their jobs immediately; and then others who would keep working at least for awhile.  In addition, there are countless stories about winners winding up destitute after plowing through their newfound money at record speeds. 

I did a little (very little…I’m lazy remember?) research and found a couple of people who seemed to represent the opposite ends of the spectrum regarding what they would do should they win big.  Clever Dude would pay off his debt – no surprise there.  However, his article broke down his possible winnings into different amounts and based on the amount won he laid out what debt he hoped to be able to pay off.  If his winnings reached the right level he said he’d even pay off his parents’, grandparents’ and siblings’ debt!  Generosity, thy name is Clever Dude!  To be fair, CD also mentions doing fun stuff like traveling, if the money is big enough.  It’s just not first on his list. 

The plan which most amused me was Chef Keem’s.  I have no idea who this man is but his exuberance is contagious and I want to be his friend, even if he never wins the lottery.  His plans include flying all his buds to Austin, Texas to visit him.  Then he’ll cover dinner (which he describes in detail), drinks, and evening entertainment.  Finally, he’ll take everyone to Munich, Austria, and Vienna!  Even after all that he still had money left over!  What to do?  He asked his readers to suggest ways to burn the remaining $23 million!  Although this was only a dream it made me smile. 

Mine isn’t your typical lottery list.  I’m not hankering for a luxury vacation, a palatial new home or a fancy car.  Yes I am too normal – shut up! 

My wants and desires are less grandiose.   

  1. A vehicle I can get in and out of easily.  I adore our pickup and Suburban – in a fender bender guess who’s driving away?  However, the older I get the harder it is to climb into our beasts.   I’d like a previously owned mid-sized SUV with four wheel drive please — in blue.  Not only would it be easier for me to get into but our ancient canines would benefit as well.  Win-win! 
  2. Triple A coverage for all my kids – peace of mind for me.  More win!
  3. An indoor swimming pool.  Heated goes without saying.  And maybe a hot tub.
  4. To pay back the loans I had to take from my retirement.
  5.  I would give away a LOT of money but only to organizations which help people help themselves.  Like Kiva and Habitat for Humanity.
  6. A time machine (preferably with David Tennant at the helm, but I’ll take what I can get).  I’d like to go back in time and tell my mother I’m sorry and that I forgive her.  I’d like to go back to say goodbye to my Grandma and punch my grandfather in the gonads.  Um wait, that might be too touchy-feely; maybe I’ll just wear some pointy-toed shoes and kick him.  (Sorry, the whole time travel thing got a tad out of control there.)
  7. I’d upgrade my blog to a paid version so I could use all the neat tools and graphics and stuff.
  8. Eventually, I would retire from my job.  Like the next time BigLaw annoys me. 

Smaller vehicle and indoor pool aside, I can’t think of anything I want that I don’t already have.  The SUV would be nice.  Sure, I’d love to have access to a pool all year.  But I’m surviving just fine without those things and I feel truly blessed in my life.  How many lottery winners can say that? 

Today’s gratitude excerpts:

“The sound of my child’s footsteps coming downstairs for breakfast.  That sound is like music and makes my heart soar every time I hear it.”  Robin Lieberman, Queens, NY 

“Hot chocolate with double-whipped cream, a good book on a rainy Saturday, the snoring sound my dog makes when she sleeps, and the lovely wrinkles around my husband’s eyes when he smiles.”  Ellen Birkett Morris, Louisville, KY


4 thoughts on “If I Won the Lottery

  1. Your list is pretty similar to the one I wrote last year, the basics (plus houses for my girls) nothing fancy schmancy. HOWEVER, if I won the lotto today, I’d a chunk of it to track down the a**hole who stole my purse yesterday and kick THEM in the gonads with pointy toes boots for a enormous pain in my tush that closing and reopening bank accounts, having to replace phone and glasses, getting new ID cards from the health insurance, informing the credit bureau’s etc has caused me…..but that’s today, Next week I’ll be over being furious and go back to my original list!

    • I was so sorry to hear about that! And angry on your behalf! I hope my comment didn’t sound like I was minimizing the very real pain in the tookus that must have been. If I didn’t believe everything happens for a reason sometimes I’d wonder what the Big Guy was doing up there. Sigh.

  2. My family had an indoor hot tub when I was growing up since arthritis runs in our family. AND IT WAS FANTASTIC. Like a bubble bath where the temperature is always perfect and you can watch TV. Best thing ever.

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