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Got to work harder

The physical therapist isn’t happy with my status :(.  To be fair, she said I had “come a long way”.  Unfortunately I’m experiencing enough weakness in the quad that it’s making progress difficult.  So we upped the ante. 

I’m supposed to do regular stretches and exercises every day and I try to fit them in at work but it isn’t always possible.  Let’s be completely (or mostly) honest here – I’m lazy.  And tired.  Not to mention tired of hurting.  I know the hurting at this stage is the workout and not anything wrong.  I know in my head that the exercises will improve that with time.  Between the fatigue and soreness and lack of time I often find excuses not to do all of the actual exercises.  However, I DO get up and walk and I do some of the exercises that don’t take long.  I can feel improvement already from those, so I’m not sure why I’m having trouble following through on the others except … did I mention I’m lazy?  Yeah, that could be it. 

Last night at PT they revamped three of my exercises, adding ankle weights and reps.  Plus we discussed the ones I AM doing and I described how I have been doing them in my cube at work.  I can get part way through a set and the phone will ring and I’ll stop to answer it, then go back and finish the set.  That isn’t effective or very helpful.  So the new plan is to take my break, close myself into an empty office and run through the exercises without interruption.  Then I guess I send out an SOS for someone to help me back to my desk. 

I do NOT want to wind up a cripple so I must get serious.  I can do this, I know I can.  I’ve survived much worse between an abusive childhood and a bad first marriage.  I WILL DO THIS!

Today I’m thankful for:

 People in my life who make me laugh, and there are a lot of ’em!
Janelle Steinberg, Bellevue, WA

Me too!  You know who you are ;).

The baby birds learning to fly as I sip my coffee before the day’s first class.
Jason Preston, Olean, NY

This reminds me of watching online the red hawk nestlings.

Every decision I have made in my life.  Right or wrong, they have brought me to where I am today.
Debbie Sanchez, New Wilmington, PA


4 thoughts on “Got to work harder

  1. Oh Honey I hear ya. I pretty much slacked off on the “at home” PT I was supposed to do for my back a week after I retired. I couldn’t tell ya the last time I did my prescribed exercises. Laziness is one more thing we have in common apparently! I really, really want you to feel better and become pain free, but I can’t in good conscience nag you to do better. I’ll just sit over here on my arse and quietly cheer you on though!

    • We can sit together on our arses and stir the cauldron! I’ll bet we can find some magical elixir that will make us both feel better! It’s main ingredient will probably be 100 proof! 😀

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