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Birthday Blessings

I had the best birthday weekend!  Hubs picked me up at the train on Friday afternoon and said he hadn’t been able to get to the grocery store so we should head to our favorite diner for dinner.  Nothing surprising there.  The surprise came when I walked into the bar and found my baby girl sitting in our regular booth with balloons, a gift bag and mylar confetti sprinkled on the table!  She’d also decked out the booth with crepe paper streamers AND she bought us dinner.  Followed by my new most favorite dessert – Pumpkin Pie Blizzard from Dairy Queen!  Made into a cake!  😀

The next day we had some girly time when we went for pedicures.  Believe it or not, I had never had a pedicure before!  I know, right?  And this place was new to both of us but it was fabulous.  The chairs had massage so I was practically napping while they worked on me.  Plus when they saw my scar they were extra gentle.  It was so much fun that I told Hubs we had to put a monthly pedicure into the budget!  My toenails are now a super shiny TARDIS blue!

Before the pedicures, Hubs and I took the three dogs (our two old fogies and our younger grand-dog who we were watching for the weekend) to the leash free park and I was able to walk all the way down and back up without incident!  They added benches since our last visit so I was able to get off the knee and even elevate it a bit.  The dogs had so much fun, it was totally worth the chill I got.  Next time I’ll be better prepared!

Finally, Sunday we met the rest of the family and went out to eat.  It was one of those perfect family times when there were no arguments, no shouting and only a few tears (5 year old grandson cried because he was in the bathroom and missed the singing when they brought out the white chocolate raspberry cheese cake with my candle).  Plus?  It ended early and we were home before 6:30!  Love that part since I get up early!

Today’s Platitudes of Gratitude

“Time to be true to myself and appreciate all there is to my life.”
Roberta Victor, Matoaca, VA

“Sunday mornings, the newspaper, a hot cup of coffee, and time to just be.”
Sheila Kamuda, Kirkland, WA

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