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Happy Birthday to Me!

I’ve never been eager to celebrate my birthday.  Well, if you don’t count when I was a child.  Don’t we all look forward to our special day, once we understand it IS our special day?  Even if we don’t get the gift we want, we’re the center of attention for a moment.  And as children it’s all about us, isn’t it?  I think the whole being the center of attention is what kept me from enjoying my birthday for so long.  I’m inclined to blend into the woodwork or fade into the wallpaper.  If I had had magic as a teen, that would have been the first trick I tried. 

Some forty years later, having survived everything life has thrown at me so far, I’m beginning to accept that it’s okay to be the center of attention every now and again.  Still don’t exactly like it but I think I’m handling it with more grace than in previous years.  As you can see, my birthday fell on the weekend this year and you would think I could avoid the whole work-related  festivities.  Not.  In the 15 years I’ve worked here my boss has never once let me ignore my birthday.  So this year I decided to embrace it. 

Last year I threw my husband a surprise birthday party.  Because my birthday is five days before his, our daughters, who were instrumental in making the party happen, thought it would be nice to surprise me too.  They gave me this pendant:

Fabulous Harry! I love the feathers!

Gaudy beads, poofy boa-style feathers and silliness.  It was perfect!  After the party I hung this on our baker’s rack and enjoyed seeing it every day.  So I brought it into the office on Friday to wear during the office party.  Not only will I embrace my birthday this year, I WILL CELEBRATE!  I survived another year.  Sadly, not everyone did.  I have much to be thankful for.

Thinking of my history with birthdays and the avoidance of all opportunities to be the center of attention, I wondered whether others had the same feelings.  Probably.  Just as I’m certain there are others who glory in the celebration — more power to them!  The part of me that was reluctant to celebrate because of the attention I would receive wants to spread the joy of celebration.  Thus begins a new, soon-to-be famous internet tradition!  Okay, maybe not famous; I don’t really want it to be famous.  That whole center of attention thing, remember?  But I digress.

To help spread the celebration, it’s time to send the pendant on its way.  It’s currently promised to three of my readers / fellow bloggers for their next birthdays.  From there?  Who knows where it will land and who will embrace its silly, cheerful message. 

And not to neglect the gratitude platitude, this one’s mine:

I am grateful that on my birthday the alarm will not wake me at 4:30 a.m.! 


10 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Me!

  1. Ok, Maybe I don’t need to be involved in the whole “Sisterhood of the Traveling Birthday Bauble” thing. You told me not a week ago what day your birthday was and I still forgot….I’m fired…

    HAAAaaaapppPPYyy BBiiirrrrRRRttTThhDDdaAAyYY my Friend!! I heart you!

    • 😦 I had to take it off early on. I kept losing feathers and I want it as intact as possible while it makes the rounds. Email me your address if you’d like to be included on the itinerary! 😉

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