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Kibbles of Contentment

Today’s title contriubtor is Grammy.  She blogs about anything that tickles her fancy, but mostly about Peanut.  Grammy also writes about things that irritate or annoy her, like this.  She’s my buddy and makes me laugh like no one else.  Besides being clever with the computer keys, she’s so crafty I haz a jealous!

Sooo, with a title like this one how can I not make all of today’s excerpts about dogs?!

“Pulling up in my driveway after a horrible commute to see my dog’s bright slobbery smile in the window.”  Julie Dullea, Seattle, WA

There’s nothing like a dog to make you feel welcome when you get home.   

“The way a puppy squints at the sun when his eyes are still full of sleep.”  Linda Opyr, New Hyde Park, NY

Puppies rule! 

“My rescued dog, who never stops wagging his tail and doesn’t care if I’m having a bad hair day.”  Kristine Lombardi-Frankel, Maywood, NJ

Me too.  I love ALL my rescued dogs!  All (counts on fingers) six of them!  Okay, so we only have two now, but we’ve rescued six! 🙂

 “Every moment I spend with my two yellow doggies, Casper and Woody.  I often try to take in their happy expressions and distinct personalities; I want to make sure that my memories of them are always clear.”  Kevin Poole, Monterey, CA

I know what he means.  Our Samoyed Rocky was the sweetest, gentlest of dogs and he was always wearing a smile! 

“Puppies, pickles, flip-flops, and beautiful beaches.”  Rachel Wiley, Davis, CA

Mmm, puppies!

“Dogs that wake you up with cold noses.”  Kristin Proctor, Seattle, WA

Especially in the dead of winter!

6 thoughts on “Kibbles of Contentment

  1. Oh, your Rocky is so pretty! And he does look like he’s smiling!

    I just love dogs, as you know. They add so much to our lives and I couldn’t imagine not ever having…two! 😉

    And Grammy does rock!


    P.S. I like your new design!

    • I agree, bath time is NOT fun, for anyone! And living up here in the great NorthWET makes the bouquet of “wet dog” our almost contstant companion.

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