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Über Pwnage

I feel so um, hmm…GenX?  Is that right?  Or is it generation Y?  One of my regular readers is RJ Keith.  She’s fun and funny and sweet and creative.  Her blog is all about her writing and her frustrations with that.  With some other little surprises (like indie book reviews and life questions) thrown in now and again.  She suggested today’s gratitude title and I had to ask her what it meant – geez do I feel old.  Then I got impatient (see? Old!) and emailed my daughter K and asked her.  She sent me this link to explain pwnage.  Long story short – pwn came into existence after someone mis-typed “own” when referring to “owning” another player in an online game of some kind.  And by “owning” another player they meant beaten to a pulp I think.  RJ’s exact response which I received a little later was:  “Über pwnage means-in short-thou hast been owned in a challenge. Mostly applies to the gaming and online world.” 

I already had some understanding of über but I wanted to be certain it was clear, so here you go: 

Über (German pronunciation: [ˈyːbɐ] (listen), sometimes romanized as ueber or uber) is a German language word meaning “above”, “over” or “across.” It is a cognate of both Latin super and Greek πέρ (hyper). It is also sometimes used as a hyphenated prefix in informal English, usually for emphasis. It is properly spelled with an umlaut

So there you have it. 

Über Pwnage – November 8, 2012

“Waking up to a new day I have never lived before.”  Jean Myers, Houston, TX 

Waking up is definitely better than the alternative!

“A husband who trades restaurant desserts with me when I decide I don’t like mine.”  Alaina Smith, Portland, OR

Sounds like a keeper to me!

“The times my wife sticks her head in the door of my office to announce an updated baseball score, invariably concluding her play-by-play with the request that I come downstairs for the final inning.  Is this heaven?”  Terry Munson, Redmond, WA 

Another keeper!

“Those crisp, fall days when the smell of baked apples and cinnamon fills my kitchen.”  Susie Yakowicz, Eagan, MN

Yum!  I’m going to Susie’s!

6 thoughts on “Über Pwnage

  1. Is it sad that my favorite part of this post is that you used an umlaut? Because umlauts are awesome. I’m grateful for umlauts. And tripthongs.

    (And the term “milennials” is also an acceptable one for that generation. I don’t know why I know that.)

    • Hmm, milennials. Good to know; and it has a nice ring to it too. As for the umlaut, I didn’t know it was called that so you’ve got me there. I try to ensure that if a letter requires a certain finesse I add it if at all possible. Now what the heck is a tripthong? I assume it isn’t a pair of flip flops to be worn on vacation. 😉

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