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Fragments of Awesome!

Credit for today’s title goes to Ghostcat, a fellow WordPress blogger.  She posts on a wide variety of topics including her cats Fearless and Firefly, cool old photographs and the occasional short (creepy) fiction!  GC usually makes me smile and often makes me go hmmm. 

Thanks for playing Ghostie! 

Fragments of Awesome – November 7

“The election is over!!!  Yay!”  Bubbe, Seattle, WA

Ha!  I couldn’t resist :D.

Now here’s one from the book:

“Finally being able to look in the mirror and love that beautiful, imperfect person looking back at me.”  Paula Goodman, Peoria, IL


 “My children, who taught me the true art of juggling ten things at one time!”  Lynette Carrington, Mesa, AZ

 And one more:

“Doubled-over-out-of-control-gasping-for-air-flat-on-the-floor-panting-like-a-played-out-puppy shared laughter!”  Alexa Winchell, Ontario, Canada

 Double AMEN!

4 thoughts on “Fragments of Awesome!

  1. Sweet, I’m famous!

    :checks off box on bucket list:

    The very first time my sister brought the boy who is now my brother-in-law over to meet us, we had just had a fit of that hard laughter – I actually fell off the couch right about the time they walked through the door. We made an impression on him 🙂

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