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Calling all bloggers…

To clarify – all bloggers who read my blog.  Any others wouldn’t know they were being called so we may as well leave them out.  Their loss.

So far this month I’ve posted a few Gratitude Platitudes and a Platitude of Gratitude.  I’m hoping some of you clever folks out there are up for a challenge:  help me come up with a few other ways to identify the excerpts from For This I Am Grateful which I’m posting throughout November.  I’ll alternate among the different options. 

You get the joy of knowing you’ve helped another blogger.  I get descriptive phrases that are either witty, snarky or what-have-you for FREE!

See?  Win-win! 😀

Gratitude Platitude – November 6

“Flannel pajamas.”  Melissa Scuereb, Farmingdale, NY

‘Nuf said!  (As I prepare to shiver and shudder through winter with an electric furnace :().

8 thoughts on “Calling all bloggers…

  1. I’m shivering out here even with the radiator AND an electric blanket. England has a love affair with cement houses. Then again a couple of centuries….anywho. I love your new blog look!!!
    And for my phrase, to mark myself as one of the younger generation: über pwnage.

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