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Platitude of Gratitude – November 5

I came in today to find that I’d misunderstood instructions from my boss.  She had hoped to pick up over the weekend some printouts she’d asked me to make.  Unfortunately, she was on vacation out of town Thursday and Friday and I thought that included the weekend so when I ran out of time Friday I figured I’d be able to finish it up this morning before she arrived.  I get in around 7:30 even though I don’t officially start work till 8.  Well no real harm done but it always frustrates me when I screw up.  On top of that Hubs and I argued last night, leaving us both out of sorts and making it darn near impossible to sleep.  Waking up in the middle of the night with a migraine and no BeKoool headache patches available was no fun either.  Cool wash cloths just aren’t the same.  So it truly is a MONDAY and I wasn’t feeling all that grateful :(.

But I skimmed through the Grateful book and felt better.  Here you go to start your week off with a smile.  Thanks for stopping by.

“Finding a man who is not threatened or intimidated by my bluntness.”  Tina Orlando, Metuchen, NJ

“The chance to really look at my daughter and see her for the woman she is, not the child I remember.  I did a good job raising her, but I never saw that or took credit for any of it until I sat back and respected her as an individual.”  Maggie Root, Thomaston, CT

“I am grateful for just being me.”  Onnissia, Los Angeles, CA

Happy Monday everyone!

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