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Two Steps Forward

Not to beat a dead horse, (why would anyone beat a dead horse – eww?!) when I was off for my knee surgery I didn’t have access to the internet.  I use FeedDemon to keep up with my peeps and currently I’m following around 20 blogs.  When I got back to work there were over 200 posts waiting to be read.  I’ve been whittling down that total over the last few weeks.  Shh, don’t tell my boss!

It’s a little frustrating because I’d read a post or two and the next time I had a moment to login there’d be five new ones!  To make matters worse, I started reading the newest posts first.  The longer it took me to keep up with current events the more behind I got with the older posts.  It didn’t seem like I was ever going to get caught up.   But yesterday for the first time I got it under 100!  Go me!  This morning the total unread posts is 86, with the oldest being dated September 18.  Yay!  I’m less than 2 months behind now! 

So I’m easily entertained.  Sue me. 

Gratitude Platitude — November 2

“Questions from my children that let me know my opinion still matters.”
Susie Yakowicz, Eagan, MN

“The sound of leaves in the wind, laughing at the breeze or perhaps discussing the coming storm.”
Thomas Hart, Mechanicsburg, PA

 And for your football fans:

“My wife, Michele; golf; and FSU football.  Nothing is better than those three things in that order.  Unless FSU is in a bowl game.
Louis V. Campanelli, Palm Bay, Florida


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