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Ever notice how all the really free candy comes after Halloween?  And you don’t even need a costume!  Just follow these simple instructions:

  • Decorate your cubical with seasonal paraphernalia; I have a sweet Halloween mug on my desk sitting amid piles of very cool fake-silk autmun leaves
  • Prime the pump with a bag or two of the cheap candy prior to Halloween; make sure the candy overflows your container of choice so folks see it
  • Encourage co-workers to help themselves

Presto!  The day after Halloween you will be the recipient of tons of leftover candy, and probably some the parents have decided their children won’t miss!  As I said – SCORE!  You’re welcome.  😀

Gratitude Platitude — November 1

“My rubber chicken, which helps keep my life—and my stress level—in perspective.”  Patricia Lorenz, Oak Creek, WI


2 thoughts on “SCORE!

  1. OR….you can have a greedy Hubby who hoards all the candy that was meant for little children. ‘Course that’s not free candy cuz I did buy it…..never mind…..:)

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