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Happy Friday!

What do you think of the new theme?  I’m not sure I’ll keep this one but when I saw it I figured I had to at least try it on.  Last winter there was a widget or something that had snowflakes falling on my blog.  I loved that effect so when I read that this theme included fish swimming by I had to check it out!  Having examined it more closely I realize the swimming fish are more like a wallpaper.  But I still kind of like it. 

Physical therapy last night was a mean bitch.  I tried really hard not to cry but no dice.  Apparently the flexion isn’t where they’d like to see it.  Poor them!  I knew it wasn’t but I’m getting along fine and the Bonesmart forum has articles that say range of motion (which includes flexion) can be increased well into the future.  I immediately printed those out so next time they put on the 😦 face about my flexion I’ll be able to whip those out!  In other words, there’s no reason to create more pain to get more bend.  The bend will come.  I’m sure I can work harder at my exercises than I have been so I’ll take this as a nudge that I need to step it up a bit.  Gently.

Tomorrow is our grandson N’s birthday party.  He’ll be at his Dad’s on his actual birthday so his mama (daughter A) is having his party this weekend.  And of course her mama will be there.  That’ll be fine; I can handle the Ex for 2 hours, especially since our other daughter K will be attending with us.  I refuse to do anything after that though.  We’ll make one stop on the way home to return something and look for a blow-up pillow.  Seriously, a blow-up pillow.  Not. A. Blow-up. Doll.  I need something I can use in the office for elevating my knee.  Really.

Then I’m going to hibernate the rest of the weekend, if I get my way!

4 thoughts on “Happy Friday!

    • Aw thanks Grammy! It’s damned hard being positive but one sad puppy in our house is more than enough! And I’m really liking the new theme too; now that I’ve actually seen it awhile and scrolled all the way to the bottom! I really like the little worm; I’m so glad he’s just balancing on that hook! 😀

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