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Spam Spam Spam Spam

Taking inspiration from other bloggers I’ve read, I thought I’d share some of the messages I get in my WordPress spam folder.  I wish WP would let me use graphics in the title bar — I would have added musical symbols so you’d all immediately think of Monty Python’s classic.

You would have right?  It isn’t just me?

All that lead up and I only found 2 spam messages.  But hey, any excuse for Monty Python references! 😉

The first spam comment in the folder was in response to my Back in the Saddle post.  “silver account” sent this message:

“I have been seeing Wendy for about 1½ years now. When I started with her, I had several different issues going on. I had sinus surgery, and was experiencing a lot of complications, including migraines, facial pain, and chronic fatigue, and I now have a definite diagnosis of TMJ. Wendy has been fantastic. She has listened to me, when no other doctor would take the time to. She understands the pain I have been in and continues to go above and beyond helping me. Since starting, I have most of my energy restored, I sleep better at night, and we are continuing making progress with the TMJ. A few months ago, my husband, who had kidney cancer surgery last year, started seeing Hung-yuan. My husband also had mono and was diagnosed with diabetes. Hung-yuan has helped him tremendously. His energy is so much better and his blood sugar has been staying regulated with no medication. He has also helped him with his knee problem. We are both extremely pleased with both Hung-yuan and Wendy and would recommend them to all our friends and family. They are truly caring and dedicated to helping their clients.” ~P.R.

Based on the sender’s identifying information, “silver account” appears to be a dealer in silver and/or bullion.  The email address associated with the sender doesn’t match the initials “P.R.”  Plus?  Based on the context, P.R. is a woman but the email address is probably a man’s.  Hmm.  Is P.R. a cross-dressing poster?  Or perhaps she uses a man’s name in her email so she won’t miss out on all the viagra spam.     
Surprisingly, I understand the connection with my post.  The post addressed my return to work following surgery and my ongoing recovery.  So silver, sweet dear that she is, decided that I needed to know about her medical professionals.  Quite a recommendation I’d say.  Except there’s no contact information for the doctors (or whatever they’re supposed to be).  Nor is there any information about location.  If I wanted an appointment who would I call?  Would I need my passport?  And what exactly does silver have to do with it?  Does the medical practice only accept silver in payment?  (Shaking head) I think I’ll stick with Dr. W.
 The next poster was also silver related.  Identified as “silver price”, they talked about how I may love to massage now but that “almost anything can become miserable if you do it long enough.”  Massage = miserable?  I think they’re doing it wrong!
Since I began drafting this I found two additional spam messages (they procreate like bunnies, don’t they?).  One was from someone trying to “optimize” my SEO.  That’s all well and good, if I knew what my SEO was.  Will optimizing it hurt?  And what the heck is LSI?  The poster added this helpful info: “(Latent Semantic Indexing)”.  Ahhh, now I get it!  Not.  The other message was from someone with Hispanic ties.  They included a link which read “lista de emails lista de emails lista de emails lista de emails lista de emails“.  I kid you not, that’s exactly what it said.  The poster said he (the email address said “Carlos” so you know, he … probably) was really interested “on this subject” and that he was “gonna see your other posts, hope they are so good like this one.”  Wow!  How’s that for high praise?! 
There are four more spam in my inbox as I type this.  I thought about including them but I just can’t find the energy to care what they say, let alone translate and share it.  What a frickin’ waste of my time!  When I could be shopping online!

4 thoughts on “Spam Spam Spam Spam

  1. I got one the other day on a post I wrote about getting the tip of a q-tip stuck in my cat’s ear; it was a step-by-step description of how to check a cat for ear mites with a link to a Russian pron site stuck in the middle.

  2. Mannnn….I never get any good ones. Mine are always lamo “I enjoyed your blog and think it would be a good fit for our product (some random bullsh*t that never has any correlation to anything I’ve ever written) advertising”…blah blah blah. I feel deprived.

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