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It’s raining…sigh.  I know I said I like fall, but the part I like?  The colorful, crunchy leaves; the crisp, fresh air; the vibrancy – they’re all clouded by the cold, gray rain (and no, I didn’t plan that pun but you’re welcome ;)). 

It’s a very thick rain too, if you know what I mean.  Sitting at my desk in the office I can look through the Visiting Attorney office across from me and see it falling outside those windows.  Besides being thick enough to see without really searching, it’s falling at a slant.  Those wind-driven torrents make umbrellas pointless.  If I’d remembered to bring my umbrella.  In my defense, it wasn’t raining when I left this morning. 

Rain though is better than the weekend weather we had.  Both Saturday and Sunday there were lengthy hailstorms.  We were at the park with the dogs on Saturday when the icy pellets bombarded us.  Thankfully we were able to take refuge under the picnic pavilion to wait it out.  When we returned home our entire front deck was adorned with the little white boogers!  Beware!  Do not attempt to use a crutch on a hail-covered surface!  No, thankfully I didn’t fall.  For once I was wise enough not to actually lean on the crutch so when the bottom of it skidded sideways there was no resulting injury!  Go me! 

Sunday we were still at home when the hail hit.  One wave of it swept in and pounded our house, making the bed of our pickup look almost lacy and laying down stripes along the windshield wipers on the same truck.  There was a brief respite and then another wave passed over, just as hard and loud as the first.  It’s starting to feel more like winter than fall.  I’m beginning to search for my hats and scarves.  And I found my gloves!  Only to discover they have holes and need replacing this year.  As do the leggings I use in place of longjohns. 

Friday afternoon we met with our youngest daughter K and her sweetheart (I) for an early dinner.  During the meal we brought each other up to date and discussed the television programs we all watch.  K was upset we hadn’t watched the premiere episode of The Walking Dead yet because that meant she couldn’t talk about it.  We recently turned her on to Once Upon a Time and she informed us she had gotten up to the 17th episode of the first season!  We’d only watched 11 of them so far.  In the midst of all the chatter Hubs said something sarcastic to I and we all laughed.  Then K said to I, “You wonder where I get it?”  More laughter and she continued, “I learned from the master!”  Another slight pause and she finished, “Sarcasm Sensei!”  And again with the laughter.  We always have so much fun with K; I think I may have mentioned before how glad I am she lives only 10 minutes away!

 I’ve come to the conclusion that I really MUST keep weekends for resting.  Especially since I’m only into my third week back at work – full time.  This past weekend was not particularly busy but it involved more walking and standing than I should have been doing and I’m feeling it today.  Unfortunately for my new resolution to rest, this Saturday is the youngest grandson’s 5th birthday party.  On the plus side, it’s in our town at the bouncy-party place in the Super Mall so it won’t mean a long drive.  And being a children’s party place, there should be adult seating I can take advantage of.  You won’t see me climbing around in the bouncy house!  It also means sharing air with and being pleasant to the Ex but I think we can manage that for an hour or two.  After the party though I’m out of there and I plan to stay close to home on Sunday.

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