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Back in the Saddle!

No, not really.  It’s a figure of speech people.  I can barely handle cleaning up after a single cat.  How in the heck would I manage following a horse around the office?  Especially on crutches!

This is Day 4 of my first week back after the doctor cut me open, sawed off the bad bone parts and slapped in the fancy new partial knee joint.  And doesn’t thatcreate quite the picture?  You’re welcome!  I was surprised at how good I felt at the end of Day 1.  I mean, not GOOD – but not exactly at death’s door.  I did end up taking 2 pain pills at bed time though and still slept lousy.  Day 2 wasn’t an improvement and by day 3 I was ready to pull my hair out.  But who wants to hear a fat bald lady crying? 

Today was better.  I remembered to do my exercises and I was able to ice the knee down twice.  Tonight I have physical therapy again.  It’ll be my first appointment since I started back to work so I’m interested to see how it goes.  And boy I can NOT wait for the GameReady!  That machine is incredible!  If it could have my coffee ready in the morning it would be perfect!  Just kidding.  I know there are programmable coffee makers and it would be just silly to make coffee with ice water.

I imagine you’re wondering what I was up to during my recovery.  If not you don’t have to read any further. 

See?  I TOLD you you wanted to know!  😉

For the first couple days or so I focused on the inside of my eyelids – pain meds will do that to you.  When I started to feel more human I read a LOT and my daughter K brought me a ginormous puzzle book which I started working my way through.  Post-op the doctor or maybe it was a nurse wrapped multiple ace bandages from above my knee to around my foot to hold the dressing in place.  It was very nearly like a cast — at first.  By the fourth or fifth day the bandages started stretching with the result they were separate where layered and the cotton dressing poked out.  Before much longer the bandages started to smell (I mean they reeked!) so I got on the phone and checked to make sure we could take it apart without my leg falling off. 

Hubs was great!  He bought out half of the first aid section at Walgreen’s and proceeded to strip away the old bandaging.  Then he cleaned the sutured area with Betadine, at least twice.  It could have been more but I don’t recall exactly.  Pain meds remember?  Then he covered the incision site with a layer of fresh gauze and wrapped it with this neat fabric tape that stuck to itself not my skin!  And THEN?  He pulled this net tubing over the whole shebang to keep it all together!  So organized and thorough – that’s my man.  I think I’ll keep him!

I just realized what time it is and I have to get ready to head for the train, but never fear — I’ll be back.

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