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Bubbe Out

Tomorrow I’ll be sleeping in.  When I do wake up we’ll feed and walk our dogs, though probably not in that order. After grabbing a shower I’ll don my loosest, sloppiest yoga pants and a comfy shirt and Hubs will drive me to the ambulatory surgery center in Seattle.  Oh and I’ll have shoes on too I suppose. 

Once checked in I’ll meet with the anesthesiologist to decide the best way to prevent pain during surgery.  This will not be like the nautral childbirths I had!   My vote is to be completely out but since we’ll be getting a late start (they want me to arrive at noon) that may not be possible.  As I’ve mentioned, I get pretty sick under a general anesthetic and it can take hours to recover.  One of my peeps over at the BoneSmart forums had a spinal and went home the same day.  She even had a shower when she got home!  I think I’ve also mentioned that I’m not fond of the idea of needles anywhere near my back.  But if they can give me some happy juice before the spinal I could see myself being persuaded; in principle anyway.  I know I’m a chicken so shut up. 

Then I imagine Dr. W will come chat with me about the procedure and what to expect afterward.  At some point during the preparations someone will use a felt pen to put a big OBVIOUS mark on my right knee – I’m going to hold out for an emoticon ;).  No one wants to replace the wrong one!  Or even part of the wrong one.  I’ve been waiting for months to ask Dr. W if he has my bionic knee ready.  Unfortunately I’ve also been on the BoneSmart forums for months and that joke is older than dirt over there.  Dr. W has probably heard it at least a few dozen times.  So now I need to figure out something else clever to say. 

Since it’s possible I won’t be able to get back here to see comments before surgery I’m not really soliciting suggestions.  However, if you want to post something you think I should have said to make me laugh afterward, by all means have at it.  I’m sure I’ll appreciate the giggle.  When I eventually make it back online. 😀

Enjoy the rest of your summer peeps!  Bubbe out.

2 thoughts on “Bubbe Out

  1. You could ask if it’s Three Laws compliant, as in the Three Laws of Robotics, but that’s kind of an obscure reference. Hope everything goes smoothly and they don’t accidentially put it in backwards or anything. (I’m sure they check first.)

    • Hahahahaha! Yeah, backwards would be a bitch wouldn’t it? I like the Three Laws reference but you’re right, I don’t know if he’d get it and once I’m drugged up I’d probably make a hash of the explanation. Thanks, that made my day! 😀

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