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Hell on Earth

What is up with the damn weather!?  This past weekend in the Evergreen State it was in the 90s!*  I know it’s August thank you very much.  But it’s Washington for heaven’s sake – it’s supposed to rain here!  Yeah, and then we’d have had sauna conditions so I guess it’s a good thing it stayed dry.  Well, the weather stayed dry.  Not me damn it.  I kept pouring down the water and it kept seeping out of my pores.  Okay, pouring out of my pores! 

Seriously, Saturday was so hot I barely moved till the sun went down.  Plus it was my first day without anti-inflammatory assistance so my knee was complaining. 

“Hey you!”


“You!  You up there … where’s my pain meds?”

“Um.”  Am I not eloquent?  In my defense I’ve never had a conversation with my knee before.  It was a little unsettling.

“Helloooo?  You awake?  Get me some pain medication!”

“Uh, I already took the Tylenol.”

“Tylenol is a joke! Get me some Advil, stat!”

“Sorry about that.  Doctor’s orders.  We can’t have any more anti-inflammatories until after the surgery Thursday.”

“Wha?!?!!  Get that effin’ doctor on the phone!  I have some choice words for him!”

“Dr. W isn’t in the office on Saturday.”

It went downhill after that. 



*Look, I’m aware the East coast’s heat wave had much higher temperatures and I’m not trying to say we have it bad here compared to them.  I’m trying to say it’s hella hot here and I’m just not used to it!  So lighten up.

6 thoughts on “Hell on Earth

  1. Booo! The weather has been weird all the way around, I think. We’ve had rain, more rain, a little bit of sun followed by thunderstorms. I’m curious as to how the winter plays out. Good luck with your surgery!!!!!!

  2. I’m glad we missed your heat wave so we could come back to our own!! The weather was gorgeous the whole time we were in WA and I gotta say I’m a bit disapointed….I bought a cute new umbrella that fits in my purse before we got up there and never got to use it! Of course, it would have poured buckets if I hadn’t had it….:) I’m starting early sending you “swift recovery” vibes….******vibe, vibe, vibe****** Did ya get ’em??? 🙂

  3. Bubbe, I wouldn’t expect WA to have dry hot weather, that’s for sure. But this summer has been unusually HOT just about all over the country. Here in PA we got our heat wave in June and it hasn’t let up. It’s been in the high 80’s and 90’s and the humidity has been horrendous. I never used to mind the heat but with hot flashes…YIKES, I can’t handle it anymore.

    I’m sorry you can only take tylenol (which is like candy) for your knee pain. But after tomorrow you’ll be closer to being “all better”!! I’ll be sending some major vibes your way! I just know everything will go well.

    Big hugs ((YOU))

    • Thank you Pam, every good thought and positive vibe is welcome! And yes, the hot flashes do NOT help! Sunday was so dang hot I told Hubs that it was WORSE than a hot flash because it went on and on. Sigh.

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