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Um, yeah.

Oh my. 

Every morning I visit the website of a local newspaper to check out certain comic strips I like.  I’m a self-appointed morale booster on my floor at work, posting a cartoon on the fridge each day.  The chosen comic has to make me laugh out loud OR make me go “hmm”.  They’re usually single panel strips – hey folks have to be able to read it quickly since they don’t want to spend their entire break struggling with the fine print. 

But I’m not writing about comic strips today.  Earlier this week while perusing the comics I noticed a headline in the Most Read column to the right.  When I clicked through to the article I discovered it was all about weird things.  Twenty weird things as it happens.  Check it out here.  And you’re welcome.  Have a great weekend!

2 thoughts on “Um, yeah.

  1. Ummmmm….I’m all wierded out now. Not over the skinned rabbit, or the uranium. Nope, I’m wierded out by the can of unicorn meat. Everyone knows they’re magical so that’s just a can of evil black magic right there. *******shudder********

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