Accidental Bargain

Last Saturday we picked up our youngest daughter, K for brunch.  Have I mentioned how cool it is that she moved so close to us? I have? Well okay, I guess I shouldn’t beat a dead horse. Sorry, I can’t help myself!  IT. IS. SO. COOL!

Afterward we helped her hunt for makeup and possible costume-fodder for the Zombie Walk she was going to with friends that night.  There was no joy at Dollar Tree or Rite Aid.  While Hubs finished his own shopping at Dollar Tree, K and I popped in to Fashion Bug to kill the time in the AC (we are wusses when it comes to temperatures over 75, let me tell you!).  We always have fun when we shop together — we make fun of the clothing and laugh till it hurts.  Once we saw the clearance rack we made a beeline.  They always have the best clothes to poke fun at.  And we weren’t disappointed! 

I soon saw a red tee shirt sleeve and pulled out the hanger.  I love red!  But not this red shirt.  Smack dab in the middle was a red heart.  That alone was okay, but then the designer decided a red-on-red heart wasn’t enough and added fringe!  Seriously.  Red fringe filled in the red heart on the red tee shirt.  When I lifted the hanger from the rod the whole front of the shirt shimmied!  Like the flapper dresses of the 1920s y’all.  I think I may have snorted.  I know I had to share.  After getting K’s attention I held the shirt up with the heart facing her and gave the hanger a shake so the fringe danced.  K’s laughter exploded and even the woman who was walking behind her got a giggle out of it.  Soon after that Hubs was waiting for us outside and we exited, Stage Left.

Our next stop was the local St. Vincent dePaul’s thrift store.  Oddly enough, St. Vinnie’s in our town has two locations – one for furniture and appliances, the other for clothing, books, knick knacks and the like.  I’d been to the furniture location but not the clothing store so for that reason alone it was a treat.  (Hubs and I haunt the local Goodwill; they’re practically around the corner from us and we’ve found some sweet deals on occasion.) 

K was hoping to find a prom style dress or a bathrobe she could zombify before the big event that night.  We split up and started the hunt.  I saw a couple of gowns that would be great as zombie attire but they weren’t the right size.  Then I saw this very cool fabric between a bunch of other garments.  It was sort of a sand colored background with different shades of green (faded or muted green, not bright green) in the print, along with little touches of yellow.  Except for the muted tones of the colors the print reminded me of a tropical island.  I pulled it off the rod and behold — it was a dress!  It looked huge on the hanger and my first thought was “I wonder if it would fit me.”  I checked for a tag but there was none.  There wasn’t even the remnant of a tag; the dress was homemade.  It had cute little shoulder pads with these nifty snaps to hold your bra straps in place.  The skirt was one of those swooshing, swirly skirts that just beg you to spin around.  I had to try it on, didn’t I?  I know we were there for K but puhleeze!  You don’t just put something back because it isn’t your turn.  Well I don’t anyway. 

A few minutes later I was completely amazed when I pulled it over my head in the dressing room.  It could have been made for me!  (Yes, I am huge and it was perfect! :))  I loved it and I had to have it.  Knowing how overpriced St. Vinnie’s was with their furniture I was somewhat reluctant to look at the price tag.  Oh em gee!  $6.99!  

No. Effing. Way! 

But it was.  And when I got up to the cashier?  She cut the price again, nodding to the sign that said all summer items were 50% off! 

With luck like that I should have gone right out and bought a lottery ticket!

A-borrowin’ I go

A friend [waves at Pam] reminded me that even though I don’t have internet at home for awhile I still need to keep in touch so everyone knows I’m okay.  (Thanks Pam!)

Hi Everyone:  I’m okay. Thanks for caring; it’s nice to know I’m missed when I can’t get on the webz.  I do try to follow youse guys when it’s slow at work and sometimes I even get the opportunity to comment.  I could post too from here (obviously, since I’m posting this, duh) if I could get off my duff and figure out something fun to post.  Or at least interesting.

One of my other friends [waves at Jo] can even make being sick funny.  Plus her pie chart is awesome!  I love pie.  (Jo?  I’ll take ALL the fruit flavors so you don’t have to eat them, ‘k?  But I will fight you for the apple crumb!  So I guess we’ll just have to bake two.)

Still another friend [waves at Grammy] has this knack with life’s lessons.  What a great message and boy do I wish I had learned those lessons when I was younger.  (Thanks Lori, you always touch the heart.  And not in a creepy way.  :D)

Dana (yes, I DO have another friend, surprising ain’t it?) steers me to really good books, makes me smile and recently she shared a link that made me laugh out loud!  Check it out and see if you don’t laugh too.  I double dare you not to laugh.

My other pals [Hi Gia! Hi RJ!] help me remember when I was young and make me wish I had the internet back then.  Sometimes I wish I could go back but only if I can take my fiftymumble years’ experience with me.  Where would I be today if I’d started blogging in my 20s?  I’ll never know.  Sigh. 

But thankfully I DO have the internet today, and all the lovely friends I’ve made because of it!

P.S.  [whispering]  This is my 100th post y’all!  How cool is that?  😉

Not a REAL post

This is not a real post.  This is just because I can’t think of anything worth writing right now.  But it’s been awhile since I put anything up (no internet, remember?) and I have a moment before I go home.  (Mmm, going home!  :D)