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14 Days

The countdown has begun to my partially new knee!  My surgery is two weeks from today. 

I have to fax the disability claim forms to the insurance carrier today and cross my fingers they will approve my claim.  It’d be nice to pay the bills and eat while I’m trying to heal.  My job is safe either way thanks to the Family Medical Leave Act, but I’ll still need some moola to cover expenses while I’m not gainfully employed. 

Next Thursday I have to give up aspirin.  I don’t take aspirin as a rule, unless it’s mixed with acetaminophen and caffeine in Excedrin®.  Excedrin sometimes helps when a migraine hits.  So there better not be any migraines in my immediate future!  Hear that Universe?  No. Migraines.


Saturday, August 4th I give up NSAIDs.  This will be the tough one.  I’m currently taking the max dose of ibuprofen you can take semi-safely.  For 5 days acetaminophen is the only OTC pain reliever I can take.  If that doesn’t work I’ll be on the phone to Dr. W begging for something stronger that won’t interfere with the surgical experience.

Between now and August 9 I hope we’re going to be able to restart our internet.  It’d be nice to be able to whine at my BoneSmart family when I’m frustrated with my recovery or in pain, and touch base with my peeps in the blogging world to reassure everyone I’m A-okay.

Holding my breath I am not; our budget is spread pretty thin.  But I have a plan for self-entertainment.  There are a ton of library books on my Kindle and I plan to haul home some paperbacks from the library.  The Seattle Public Library has this cool shelf with uncataloged books.  That means they aren’t in the library’s system and therefore are not checked out or given due dates.  You borrow and return them on the honor system.  That’s my favorite part of the library – I never have to worry about late fees!  Plus you never know what you’ll find there.  Usually they’re older titles but quite often I’ve found a book I’ve been wanting to read and been unable to track down. 

You’d think I would be getting nervous about the surgery.  Not so much.  I’m more nervous about the anesthesia.  If they put me out completely with a general I’ll be nauseous afterward and I’m talking HOURS of gut-wrenching nausea to go with the grogginess.  But the thought of a spinal sends cold shivers down my … um … spine.  So yeah, this is going to be fun.

8 thoughts on “14 Days

  1. Bubbe, sounds like you have everything under control. I’m like that…gotta have it all planned out, makes me feel better. I think it’s because I’m keeping my mind busy. Sounds like YOU are like that too.

    I’ll be sending you all kinds of positive vibes so that you won’t have to worry about not being on your meds. So don’t be worrying! You just relax! I will also hope REALLY hard that you get your internet. That would be super duper for you while you are recouping.

    I’m gonna email you my phone # in case you get bored and want to chat. I’m always up for talking!


  2. Knee surgery….I wish I lived closer so I could be your nurse at home, I’m kind of an expert as the Hubs has had 4 knee surgeries since we’ve been married, I’m a WHIZ at the compression sock thing….I’m gonna send you super big cyber truck loads of hugs and happy surgery juju!

    PS…see you in 5 days! :0)

    • Wow! Thanks for that offer Dana! Means a lot that you’d share. I doubt either of us wants to pay to ship them though ;). But if you have any Kindle books you wouldn’t mind sharing I think they’re allowing that now.

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