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Tea for Tw…uh, Thirteen

This is where we went on Saturday. 

Nice, huh?  Janis Kelly is the owner and while I’d love to say she remembered my husband and I from a few earlier visits I think that might be a stretch even if Hubs is 6’6″ with a distinctive beard.  With a party as large as ours she gave us an entire room to ourselves and the service was wonderful as always. 

The entire weekend went better than I anticipated.  My SIL’s granddaughters (12 and 10 years old), while not exactly delightful company, didn’t whine (that I heard anyway).  But as Hubs pointed out, why would they when they were getting whatever they wanted?  At the Tea Room we were seated at different tables so I didn’t hear much of what they said to SIL and I didn’t pay particular attention to what they ate, if anything.  I was having so much fun at my table it didn’t matter. 

Janis’ High Chocolate Tea arrives at the table on a three-tiered stand so everyone who orders the tea has to sit at the same table.  Hubs and I didn’t order it because we’d had it on a previous visit, but our youngest daughter K and her guy did, as well as my other SIL’s step-daughter.  So the three of them sat at one end of the table while Hubs and I and my bestest friend P sat at the other end and we had a blast.  We posed with tea cups, being sure to point our pinky fingers (okay, that was the girls and I and K’s guy; Hubs didn’t go in for that part).  Wearing our lovely borrowed hats we mugged for each others’ cameras and there was much laughter. 

The High Chocolate Tea menu includes a Variety of Tea Sandwiches on the lower tier:  Smoked Salmon with Caper Spread; English Cucumber with Mint Butter and Cotswold Cheese with Roma Tomatoes.  The Cucumber version was the hands-down favorite.  On the middle tier were the still-warm scones!  There were two flavors to choose from on Saturday: Cranberry Pecan and Lemon.  Both were fabulous (of course I tasted them!)  They were served with Devonshire Cream, Strawberry Jam &/or Lemon Curd.  OMG!  Devonshire Cream is heaven in your mouth!  Janis makes her own…sigh.  The top tier held an Orange Blossom Tea Cookie and a Truffle for each of the parties who’d ordered the tea. 

To finish in style Janis served fresh strawberries, grapes and blackberries with melted white, milk and dark chocolate for dipping!  The fruit fondue was ordered separately by the other tables as well so we all got tastes of the deliciousness. 

Port Gamble is the sweetest little town you’d ever want to visit.  It was established in the 1850s and the sawmill continued to operate until it was closed down in 1995.  One of our other favorite places to see while we’re there is the general store.  It’s a short walk from the Tea Room and worth the time.  Every time I visit there I find myself dreaming of winning the lottery, buying one of the houses and starting a B & B. 

I’ll leave you with a snapshot of the teacups Janis sets her tables with.  You haven’t seen amusing till you’ve watched my big lug of a husband try to hold the teensy little handle on these! 

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