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Four Eyes

Remember that taunt from grade school?  Probably not the most offensive insult I ever heard.  But it stings when you’re 8 and through no fault of your own you’re saddled with horrible, plastic framed cat-eye glasses!  Which, by the way are now all the rage — life is so unfair!  Do you remember the old saying, “Men don’t make passes at girls who wear glasses”?  So. Not. True.  At 16 however, it made perfect sense.  Sigh.

For most of my life I have co-existed peacefully if not happily with my corrective lenses.  I quickly learned how inconvenient and ugly they were.  At the same time I was so excited to be able to see that I put up with them.  On occasion I even found frames I liked, fully expecting everyone to ooh and ahh the first time I wore them to school!  (Sixteen, remember?)  Not only didn’t anyone say how cute they were, most people probably didn’t even notice they were different from the old ones.  Okay, maybe my best friends saw a difference and they even probably said they were cute, but that’s what friends do!

As a result of those high school experiences and more recent events, I’ve come to the conclusion that people see ME, not my glasses.  Isn’t that amazing?  I don’t think I’ve ever really thought that before.  My glasses were always right out there – front and center.  Friday night Hubs and I picked up our new glasses.  My new frames are a departure from my typical style.  When I first saw them on (you know you can’t really SEE them when you’re trying them on right?) I wasn’t sure I hadn’t made a very bad error in judgment.  A few days later though they’re growing on me.  Every time I see them now it surprises me but in a nice way – I can see my eyes!  I can see my face!  Well, more of my face. 

The next morning I went shopping with daughter K and we spent the entire day together without her mentioning the new glasses once.  Finally at dinner I said something and she said she’d noticed the bling! on the temple pieces and yes, they looked very nice.  She liked the shape, but then she’s been wearing one of updated cat-eye styles for some time herself.  And they’re fabulous on her. 

Monday I headed into the office anticipating people noticing them right away – they really are different from my usual style.  No one said a word.  Not. A. Single. Word.

Here it is Tuesday and still, no one has noticed the change.  The only conclusion I can come to is that they don’t see the glasses at all.  They see me.  And that’s pretty cool.

10 thoughts on “Four Eyes

    • I used to wear contacts and I liked that but when my eyes began being too dry (plus the expense) I went back to glasses and I can’t imagine not wearing them any more. Well, except in rainy season in Seattle. I wouldn’t mind contact then! 🙂

  1. When I hit about 42 I had to get reading glasses, by that time I didn’t give a hoot about it. I actually buy them from the dollar store!

    I can only imagine how I would’ve felt being a teenager and having to wear glasses though. It was bad enough having a birth mark on my right cheek near my jaw-line, add that to my maiden name and I got DepenFART the moleface. Kids can be so mean.

    Anyhoo, I do love the updated-cat style glasses and I’ll bet no one notices the glasses on you because they actually DO see YOU rather than the glasses! And if you look in a mirror you will probably notice your eyes look bigger too!

    Rock those glasses Bubbe! You sexy thang you!


  2. I was also 8 when I got my first specs, and vividly remember being AHMAZED to discover that trees were not just big fuzzy green things so I also endured the taunts. Got contacts in my teens, then after Vivi was born my eyes went haywire and so they no longer worked for me. Had RK surgery about 20 years ago and enjoyed glorious vision until about 45 when my near vision quickly went kaput, and since my vision is different in each eye I’m not as lucky as Pam and have to get RX readers….I don’t mind. Avery’s Mom is a licensed optician and she’s always picking out fun and funky frames for me to come try on…they really are a lot more fun now that they used to be that’s for sure! I’m glad you’re enjoying your new ones!

    • I considered lasik surgery but I have something called iritis (eye-ritis) which makes me a poor candidate. How fun to have someone watching for cool frames for you! 🙂

  3. I started wearing glasses when I was a wee thing (those jumbo Eighties bug-eye ones that took up half your face) and can only dimly remember life pre-corrective lenses. Until a few years ago I only ever had one pair at the time that I would wear until they practically fell apart, but then I discovered online glasses shops and went a little overboard. Now I have around a dozen pairs, all slightly different, but I’ve yet to have anyone notice when I wear a different pair.

    • What a great idea, I wish I could do that. Even with my vision insurance though my new pair cost me over $600 out of pocket! I have a prism thingy in one lens which apparently costs the earth. And makes my one-hour glasses 2-week glasses! Sigh. Still, a GREAT idea! I may pass that one to my daughter.

      • Tell her to go to glassyeyes.blogspot.com, it’s a website where they rank the different online retailers and post any coupons or specials the sites are running. I know of at least one site that’s having a BOGO sale this week. Thanks to Glassyeyes, I’ve gotten glasses for as little as the cost of shipping (five bucks) and my good glasses with the photochromic lenses only set me back around $150 after coupons and discounts.

        Some sites have bifocals and trifocals, so it’s possible there’s a site out there that would have your lenses.

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