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Coffee, Tea or?

My sister-in-law arrives Thursday from North Carolina, her two spoiled granddaughters in tow.  Alright, I guess not everyone would consider the girls spoiled.  And it’s entirely possible they’ve changed since the last time I was in their company (years and years).  Right?  It is possible?  Pfft!

SIL (M) collects restaurant gift cards to bring with her to help defray expenses when the family dines out while she’s here.  And of course we must dine out; heaven forbid anyone cook!  On the one hand, I don’t miss the clean-up necessary after a family gathering.  But the thought of eating out all the damn time just isn’t all that appetizing.  Especially when they usually choose restaurants that are pricier than my budget can stomach.  (Ha!  See what I did there?)  Hence the gift cards.  I guess I shouldn’t complain. 

However with one exception, this trip it won’t be the adults who decide where we’re eating.  M’s granddaughters do not eat what they don’t like.  So…no pasta, no burgers…and I’m not sure what else they consider taboo.  This is unfathomable to me.  When my girls were growing up they ate what we put in front of them or went hungry, period.  I wasn’t a stickler about cleaning their plates, but they had to at least taste everything.  These two little darlings though have ruled the roost since they were born. 

An example?  The last time we saw them was probably ten years ago, give or take a couple of years.  While we were visiting we all went to lunch together and M had charge of the two girls.  She was trying to hold a conversation with the adults and the granddaughters were doing their best to get her attention.  They interrupted time and again and when she tried to ignore them one of them grabbed her hair and pulled!  That’s when I would have put the little darling over my knee.  But M didn’t do much of anything except talk to her.  The girls didn’t like Hubs and I; we couldn’t be charmed. 

I’m so not looking forward to seeing them but I’m crossing my fingers they’re better than they used to be. 

The one exception mentioned above is the tea room we’re going to next Saturday.  See the title above?  That’s what this post was supposed to be about but the little buggers sort of took this over too damn it.  On the positive side?  I get two posts out of it … nice!

7 thoughts on “Coffee, Tea or?

  1. To be honest, *that* right up there is why I don’t like other people’s kids. Working at a restaurant has only strengthened the feeling. The sad thing is, its not their fault (speaking in generalities here) it’s their parents fault for raising them like that. Good luck to you my friend, I hope it all works out for you!

    • Exactly! If their parents had taken their roles as the adults in the family seriously those girls (and their little brother) would be much more likeable! It’ll all work out; they’re only here for a few days and I don’t have any vacation time so I get to work some of that time! Hahahahaha!

  2. Bubbe, when I see unruly kids I want to smack the parents. Just like dogs–you don’t have “bad” dogs but bad dog owners.

    Anyway, I always had my boys at least “taste” everything, if they didn’t like it, they didn’t have to eat it. But we sure as heck didn’t plan every friggin meal around them and we still don’t. Eat a piece of bread. There are just some times when the adults simply must put their FEET down!

    Good luck! I hope the girls have matured and are better behaved now!

    The Tea Room sounds lovely! And if the girls haven’t matured, you can always accidentally on purpose spill some tea on them!


    • Yes, it IS the parents (and in this case, the grandparents) who are responsible. Or not actually. I’ll have to post the Tea Room menu one of these days. Incredible!

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