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A-borrowin’ I go

A friend [waves at Pam] reminded me that even though I don’t have internet at home for awhile I still need to keep in touch so everyone knows I’m okay.  (Thanks Pam!)

Hi Everyone:  I’m okay. Thanks for caring; it’s nice to know I’m missed when I can’t get on the webz.  I do try to follow youse guys when it’s slow at work and sometimes I even get the opportunity to comment.  I could post too from here (obviously, since I’m posting this, duh) if I could get off my duff and figure out something fun to post.  Or at least interesting.

One of my other friends [waves at Jo] can even make being sick funny.  Plus her pie chart is awesome!  I love pie.  (Jo?  I’ll take ALL the fruit flavors so you don’t have to eat them, ‘k?  But I will fight you for the apple crumb!  So I guess we’ll just have to bake two.)

Still another friend [waves at Grammy] has this knack with life’s lessons.  What a great message and boy do I wish I had learned those lessons when I was younger.  (Thanks Lori, you always touch the heart.  And not in a creepy way.  :D)

Dana (yes, I DO have another friend, surprising ain’t it?) steers me to really good books, makes me smile and recently she shared a link that made me laugh out loud!  Check it out and see if you don’t laugh too.  I double dare you not to laugh.

My other pals [Hi Gia! Hi RJ!] help me remember when I was young and make me wish I had the internet back then.  Sometimes I wish I could go back but only if I can take my fiftymumble years’ experience with me.  Where would I be today if I’d started blogging in my 20s?  I’ll never know.  Sigh. 

But thankfully I DO have the internet today, and all the lovely friends I’ve made because of it!

P.S.  [whispering]  This is my 100th post y’all!  How cool is that?  😉

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