Thanks! I needed that.

This was the message I received from my penpal The Universe awhile back.  I thought I had already posted it but WordPress tells me it’s a draft so SCORE!  I get a new post I didn’t have to write! 

To clarify, Bubbe, the primary roles of LOVE are not to heal, fix, or mend. Not to soothe, cure, or ease. Not even to refresh, rejuvenate, or restore. Hardly.

The primary roles of LOVE, Bubbe, are to “Yahoo!” “Yeehaa!” and “Whoohooo!”

Get your love on,
    The Universe

You were born to love, Bubbe, no matter the cost, no matter what someone else said, and no matter how the past once played out.

So it’s not my job to “fix” people?  To make their boo boos better?  It’s just my job to love them — no matter what. 

Cool, I think I can handle that.

I think I can.

I think I can.

14 Days

The countdown has begun to my partially new knee!  My surgery is two weeks from today. 

I have to fax the disability claim forms to the insurance carrier today and cross my fingers they will approve my claim.  It’d be nice to pay the bills and eat while I’m trying to heal.  My job is safe either way thanks to the Family Medical Leave Act, but I’ll still need some moola to cover expenses while I’m not gainfully employed. 

Next Thursday I have to give up aspirin.  I don’t take aspirin as a rule, unless it’s mixed with acetaminophen and caffeine in Excedrin®.  Excedrin sometimes helps when a migraine hits.  So there better not be any migraines in my immediate future!  Hear that Universe?  No. Migraines.


Saturday, August 4th I give up NSAIDs.  This will be the tough one.  I’m currently taking the max dose of ibuprofen you can take semi-safely.  For 5 days acetaminophen is the only OTC pain reliever I can take.  If that doesn’t work I’ll be on the phone to Dr. W begging for something stronger that won’t interfere with the surgical experience.

Between now and August 9 I hope we’re going to be able to restart our internet.  It’d be nice to be able to whine at my BoneSmart family when I’m frustrated with my recovery or in pain, and touch base with my peeps in the blogging world to reassure everyone I’m A-okay.

Holding my breath I am not; our budget is spread pretty thin.  But I have a plan for self-entertainment.  There are a ton of library books on my Kindle and I plan to haul home some paperbacks from the library.  The Seattle Public Library has this cool shelf with uncataloged books.  That means they aren’t in the library’s system and therefore are not checked out or given due dates.  You borrow and return them on the honor system.  That’s my favorite part of the library – I never have to worry about late fees!  Plus you never know what you’ll find there.  Usually they’re older titles but quite often I’ve found a book I’ve been wanting to read and been unable to track down. 

You’d think I would be getting nervous about the surgery.  Not so much.  I’m more nervous about the anesthesia.  If they put me out completely with a general I’ll be nauseous afterward and I’m talking HOURS of gut-wrenching nausea to go with the grogginess.  But the thought of a spinal sends cold shivers down my … um … spine.  So yeah, this is going to be fun.

Tea for Tw…uh, Thirteen

This is where we went on Saturday. 

Nice, huh?  Janis Kelly is the owner and while I’d love to say she remembered my husband and I from a few earlier visits I think that might be a stretch even if Hubs is 6’6″ with a distinctive beard.  With a party as large as ours she gave us an entire room to ourselves and the service was wonderful as always. 

The entire weekend went better than I anticipated.  My SIL’s granddaughters (12 and 10 years old), while not exactly delightful company, didn’t whine (that I heard anyway).  But as Hubs pointed out, why would they when they were getting whatever they wanted?  At the Tea Room we were seated at different tables so I didn’t hear much of what they said to SIL and I didn’t pay particular attention to what they ate, if anything.  I was having so much fun at my table it didn’t matter. 

Janis’ High Chocolate Tea arrives at the table on a three-tiered stand so everyone who orders the tea has to sit at the same table.  Hubs and I didn’t order it because we’d had it on a previous visit, but our youngest daughter K and her guy did, as well as my other SIL’s step-daughter.  So the three of them sat at one end of the table while Hubs and I and my bestest friend P sat at the other end and we had a blast.  We posed with tea cups, being sure to point our pinky fingers (okay, that was the girls and I and K’s guy; Hubs didn’t go in for that part).  Wearing our lovely borrowed hats we mugged for each others’ cameras and there was much laughter. 

The High Chocolate Tea menu includes a Variety of Tea Sandwiches on the lower tier:  Smoked Salmon with Caper Spread; English Cucumber with Mint Butter and Cotswold Cheese with Roma Tomatoes.  The Cucumber version was the hands-down favorite.  On the middle tier were the still-warm scones!  There were two flavors to choose from on Saturday: Cranberry Pecan and Lemon.  Both were fabulous (of course I tasted them!)  They were served with Devonshire Cream, Strawberry Jam &/or Lemon Curd.  OMG!  Devonshire Cream is heaven in your mouth!  Janis makes her own…sigh.  The top tier held an Orange Blossom Tea Cookie and a Truffle for each of the parties who’d ordered the tea. 

To finish in style Janis served fresh strawberries, grapes and blackberries with melted white, milk and dark chocolate for dipping!  The fruit fondue was ordered separately by the other tables as well so we all got tastes of the deliciousness. 

Port Gamble is the sweetest little town you’d ever want to visit.  It was established in the 1850s and the sawmill continued to operate until it was closed down in 1995.  One of our other favorite places to see while we’re there is the general store.  It’s a short walk from the Tea Room and worth the time.  Every time I visit there I find myself dreaming of winning the lottery, buying one of the houses and starting a B & B. 

I’ll leave you with a snapshot of the teacups Janis sets her tables with.  You haven’t seen amusing till you’ve watched my big lug of a husband try to hold the teensy little handle on these! 

Weekend Fun

One of the blogs I’ve followed forever is Caught on the Web.  Carole Terwilliger Meyers is an author, a publisher, was formerly a movie and restaurant critic, and was an extra in Mick Jagger’s “Visions of Paradise” music video.  Well rounded?  Versatile?  Oh yeah.  Her blog highlights a variety of “short and sweet” internet finds which are humorous, enlightening and entertaining — sometimes all at the same time! 

I thought I’d share a few of my favorites to help you through the weekend.  Or what the heck, save them for Monday, when you’ll really need a smile!  Well, except for you Grammy!  😀

Where the Hell is Matt – dancing all over the world; way cool.

Carol Burnett Exercises – classic slapstick from the Queen!

Lip Synched Marriage Proposal – sweeter than it sounds.

This one is my favorite of all time – so far.

I could go on and on.  Carole has shared so many cool things and I just wanted to spread the wealth a little.  I hope you enjoy Caught on the Web as much as I do!

Puppy Cam

As my regular readers know, I work in a law office.  Not. A. Lawyer.  Put down those tomatoes!  Day-to-day the grind can be at times frustrating and enervating.  Occasionally it’s fulfilling.  A LOT of the time it’s boring.  But I’ve found a remedy folks.  I keep this link open in a window which I minimize to the bottom of my monitor.  When I feel the tension building I click it open and watch these little butterballs for awhile.  Ahhhh.  All better.  Try it…you’ll like it!  You’re welcome!

Hey Dana – was it you I got this link from originally?  T H A N K    Y O U !!!!!

Service Puppy Live Cam – Holly’s Half Dozen – Dog Bless You – explore#!/live-cams/player/service-puppy-cam.

Four Eyes

Remember that taunt from grade school?  Probably not the most offensive insult I ever heard.  But it stings when you’re 8 and through no fault of your own you’re saddled with horrible, plastic framed cat-eye glasses!  Which, by the way are now all the rage — life is so unfair!  Do you remember the old saying, “Men don’t make passes at girls who wear glasses”?  So. Not. True.  At 16 however, it made perfect sense.  Sigh.

For most of my life I have co-existed peacefully if not happily with my corrective lenses.  I quickly learned how inconvenient and ugly they were.  At the same time I was so excited to be able to see that I put up with them.  On occasion I even found frames I liked, fully expecting everyone to ooh and ahh the first time I wore them to school!  (Sixteen, remember?)  Not only didn’t anyone say how cute they were, most people probably didn’t even notice they were different from the old ones.  Okay, maybe my best friends saw a difference and they even probably said they were cute, but that’s what friends do!

As a result of those high school experiences and more recent events, I’ve come to the conclusion that people see ME, not my glasses.  Isn’t that amazing?  I don’t think I’ve ever really thought that before.  My glasses were always right out there – front and center.  Friday night Hubs and I picked up our new glasses.  My new frames are a departure from my typical style.  When I first saw them on (you know you can’t really SEE them when you’re trying them on right?) I wasn’t sure I hadn’t made a very bad error in judgment.  A few days later though they’re growing on me.  Every time I see them now it surprises me but in a nice way – I can see my eyes!  I can see my face!  Well, more of my face. 

The next morning I went shopping with daughter K and we spent the entire day together without her mentioning the new glasses once.  Finally at dinner I said something and she said she’d noticed the bling! on the temple pieces and yes, they looked very nice.  She liked the shape, but then she’s been wearing one of updated cat-eye styles for some time herself.  And they’re fabulous on her. 

Monday I headed into the office anticipating people noticing them right away – they really are different from my usual style.  No one said a word.  Not. A. Single. Word.

Here it is Tuesday and still, no one has noticed the change.  The only conclusion I can come to is that they don’t see the glasses at all.  They see me.  And that’s pretty cool.

Coffee, Tea or?

My sister-in-law arrives Thursday from North Carolina, her two spoiled granddaughters in tow.  Alright, I guess not everyone would consider the girls spoiled.  And it’s entirely possible they’ve changed since the last time I was in their company (years and years).  Right?  It is possible?  Pfft!

SIL (M) collects restaurant gift cards to bring with her to help defray expenses when the family dines out while she’s here.  And of course we must dine out; heaven forbid anyone cook!  On the one hand, I don’t miss the clean-up necessary after a family gathering.  But the thought of eating out all the damn time just isn’t all that appetizing.  Especially when they usually choose restaurants that are pricier than my budget can stomach.  (Ha!  See what I did there?)  Hence the gift cards.  I guess I shouldn’t complain. 

However with one exception, this trip it won’t be the adults who decide where we’re eating.  M’s granddaughters do not eat what they don’t like.  So…no pasta, no burgers…and I’m not sure what else they consider taboo.  This is unfathomable to me.  When my girls were growing up they ate what we put in front of them or went hungry, period.  I wasn’t a stickler about cleaning their plates, but they had to at least taste everything.  These two little darlings though have ruled the roost since they were born. 

An example?  The last time we saw them was probably ten years ago, give or take a couple of years.  While we were visiting we all went to lunch together and M had charge of the two girls.  She was trying to hold a conversation with the adults and the granddaughters were doing their best to get her attention.  They interrupted time and again and when she tried to ignore them one of them grabbed her hair and pulled!  That’s when I would have put the little darling over my knee.  But M didn’t do much of anything except talk to her.  The girls didn’t like Hubs and I; we couldn’t be charmed. 

I’m so not looking forward to seeing them but I’m crossing my fingers they’re better than they used to be. 

The one exception mentioned above is the tea room we’re going to next Saturday.  See the title above?  That’s what this post was supposed to be about but the little buggers sort of took this over too damn it.  On the positive side?  I get two posts out of it … nice!