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From the Encarta Dictionary:  in‧com‧mu‧ni‧ca‧do (adjective)

 prevented by circumstances or by force from communicating with others

That’s me — incommunicado.  Sort of, and for an unknown amount of time.  We ran into some difficulty meeting all our financial obligations lately and the one thing we felt we could reasonably give up for awhile is the internet.  It wasn’t that hard a decision really.  We like to eat.  The dogs aren’t inclined to share their food.  It’s nice to have a roof over our head while we all eat.  And while it isn’t something I like doing, I do need to be able to get to work.  Plus?  Stealth blogging at work means I’m not completely incommunicado!  Sssh.

This wouldn’t have had to happen if Comcast had kept their word.  When we moved to the mobile home community we didn’t immediately get internet.  For one thing, the effin’ house has no telephone jacks!  None, nada, zilch!  How does a house built in 1986 – even a mobile home – NOT have phone jacks?  The phone company wanted $100 to install them.  Each.  So we did some more research.  Hubs made a LOT of phone calls.  Tracfone made a LOT of money from us in the early days. 

Once we finally decided to have Comcast hook us up, Hubs asked them to make our payment due date more agreeable with my payday schedule.  You are probably familiar with the balancing act of paying some bills with one payday and others on the second.  He was trying to organize the bills so they were spread out more evenly over the month.  The friendly Comcast employee told him she couldn’t change the due date because it was the date you sign up, but after we were signed up we could request they change it.  Wait…what?  It has to be easier to set the payment date up front doesn’t it?  Isn’t that reasonable?  In any case, when Hubs later asked them to change the payment due date they told him it couldn’t be done.  So we made it work…for awhile.

Cue the ice storm earlier this year and the resulting bills when our refrigerator full of food was ruined; not to mention all the meals we had to eat out as we had no power.  No power equals no cooking, no heating.  Then within a couple months Dad is hospitalized, deteriorates quickly and passes before we know it.  Add in the extra moola spent on fuel to visit, fuel to attend the funeral and hotels for both.  Our finances took a major hit and the internet was the last thing we were worried about. 

We’re set up a little differently than some households.  Number one, our land line is a MagicJack, which requires the internet.  So while the internet is off we have no land line and can only be reached by cell.  I kind of like that; I can turn my cell off and no one can reach me!  Second, we don’t subscribe to any sort of TV.  No Dish, no DirectTV, no cable.  There are only a few shows we like and we download those from EZTV after they’ve aired.  It’s like what we used to do with VCRs — taping a show that’s being aired to watch later.  So all we really need at our house is the internet.  And now it’s off.  For awhile. 

I’m hoping we’ll have it reconnected before my surgery.  I can just see myself lying on the sofa twiddling my thumbs because I can’t follow my blogging peeps; or post on my own.  At least my Kindle will keep me company.  I plan to stop in at my library and use their wifi to download a LOT of books before then.  😀

So, if some time passes and you don’t hear from me don’t fret; I’m fine.  Probably.

6 thoughts on “Incommunicado-ish

  1. I have Comcast too. While their service is superb, you pay out the whazoo for it! And it just went UP. I’ve been with them over 25 years, so six months ago I called and asked for a discount. They give me a $20 credit on my bill now. That’s not a lot, but better in my pocket!

    Another thing I noticed, all the friggin taxes on utility bills. My gawd they are outrageous! I swear if I could save all that, at the end of the year I’d go on a trip–to Vegas! Or at the very least my local casino! 😉

    Bubbe, don’t fret over much. Things always work out. I’ll send some positive vibes your way!


    • Pam, I’m glad your Comcast service is good; ours not so much. So on the one hand I’m not too broken up about quitting them. We had better service out in the boonies on our five acres for heaven’s sake! Thanks for the positive vibes; can always use some of those! 😀

  2. I’m sending you a semi-truck convoy full of happy thoughts and hugs to tide you over. And we ARE going to meet up when I’m in Seattle next month! I’ll miss ya, and I’ll be thinking of ya until things improve and your no longer being Ninja Bubbe…:0)

    • Thanks Grammy! Looking forward to seeing you! (With your back and my knee, we can limp around the King Tut exhibit together! Or maybe just meander through the Market. 😉

    • What a sweetie you are! Thanks so much for that generous offer Dana! I’m pretty sure I have that covered between the library and Amazon but I so appreciate your thoughtfulness! 😀

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