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Summer in Seattle, finally

I commute during the week to downtown Seattle and I love it.  Not the commute, although it has improved in the last year or so.  No, I LOVE the experience of being in Seattle.  Don’t misunderstand me, I like living in a smaller community; I don’t want to live in Seattle.  I just enjoy Seattle or I will when I’m able to get out and about on my lunch breaks again.  Hell, I’m walking distance from the Pike Street Market and I haven’t felt up to walking there in over a year.  Wah!  This time of year you can pick up glorious bouquets of flowers from the market for $5!  Seriously.  And don’t get me started on the fresh produce or the booth that sells fresh made, still-warm donut holes!  (Wipes drool.)

It isn’t just the skyscrapers or the Market or the fascinating people-watching; I think it’s more of a…hmm, a vibe.  At this time of year especially there’s this hum underlying everything.  Or perhaps that’s the Starbucks buzz.  We’re on the very brink of Summer here so maybe it’s just that people are coming back to life after the long, dreary winter.  In the last month we’ve finally reached the 70s a few times.  Yesterday the high was 76 and I rushed home after work to jump in our pool.  Oh Em Gee!  Talk about glorious!  I could have stayed there all night.   Today promises to be just as wonderful.  But I digress. (Raise your hand if you’re surprised.) 

So this is going on in Seattle now: 

King Tutankhamun:  The Golden King and the Great Pharaohs is an exhibit at the Pacific Science Center.  Below, Anubis guards King [Tut] Street Station.  I know, right?  They actually added “Tut” to the King Street Station sign for the duration of Anubis’ stay.  (King Street Station is where my commuter train arrives and departs so I get to see Anubis every day.)  Check out this post at the Seattle Department of Transportation blog for a video of Anubis’ arrival.   

Anubis standing guard over King Street Station
You can also see a stunning photograph of Anubis, including the sign here:  Frank Fujimoto.
There are so many other things going on in Seattle now that Summer is finally here.  I discovered the Icons of Science Fiction show when I saw the ads on our buses.  Immediately I looked it up online and sent the page to Hubs and daughter K (the only daughter who can properly appreciate the greatness of this exhibit!).  They’re displaying an actual Imperial Dalek from Doctor Who!   Not to mention the the command chair from the classic Star Trek and Neo’s coat from The Matrix Reloaded.  And more!   
Those are the two big things I’d like to do this summer, bum knee allowing.  So what’s happening in your neck of the woods?  

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