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The hard part is over.  Well, my hard part anyway.  Saturday we made two trips with our pickup and nearly everything has been installed in the kids’ new 2nd floor apartment.  ALL. THOSE. STAIRS.  Over and over and over.  Knee replacement is looking better and better!  But our part is done.  They get to handle the unpacking and organizing on their own! 

They found a wonderful apartment right on the river; I mean RIGHT. ON. THE. RIVER.  Or it will be when they can afford to move to the building across from them.  Then they’ll have a view of the river.  Now they have a nice view of the grassy area and old-growth trees behind their building.  I’d call it a courtyard since another building is on the opposite side, but it’s more like a park and the place is so quiet!  K described watching a couple of kids chase each other around without making any noise!  We joked about it being the Stepford Apartments.  While we were unpacking the truck their next door neighbor stopped and introduced himself and then proceeded to help carry things upstairs!  Nice! 

Bonus for us?  They’re only about 9 minutes away from us!  Yay!!

6 thoughts on “Phew!

  1. Ooooh I wish Peanut and her Mommy only lived 9 miles from me instead of the agonizing 15 I have to endure now in order to Grammynab the baby! Moving…zero fun. Zilch. I refuse to ever help anyone move again (I made this decision after helping a daughter move out of a 3rd floor apartment), I’ll babysit, or make lunch, or buy the beer afterwards but I AIN’T LUGGING A BOX OR A STICK OF FURNITURE. Ever again!

    • It’s so amazing that I think if Hubs and I had found the apartments before we found the senior mobile home community we’d be there instead. And Grammy’s nice enough I’ll bet she’d adopt you…she just won’t move you! 😀

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