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Happy Dad’s Day!

The sperm donor who is listed on my birth certificate as “Father” didn’t stick around long enough to be my dad.  None of the many men who paraded through my life as my mother’s various partners (legally sanctioned and not) ever cared enough to be my dad.  On a positive note I’m not sure it really bothered me when I was younger.  Mom never talked about my father – not the good or the bad.  The only reason I know his name is because it’s there in black and white on my birth certificate.  It wasn’t until I was an adult that it hurt to realize my own father cared so little.  Cue the sweet and sappy Father’s Day ads Every.  Fucking.  Where.

Eventually I was able to get past those feelings.  Hey, there were kids to raise; bosses to please; laundry and housekeeping to do.  It’s kind of impossible to wallow when you have others depending on you.  So I stopped the pity party and got focused.

When I met Hubs and his family adopted me and my girls I felt like I had come home.  Dad – the first man to earn that title – treated me like just another of his kids.  It was glorious!

I miss him.

Happy Father’s Day Dad.

8 thoughts on “Happy Dad’s Day!

  1. It’s been my experience that the Dads who are Dads because they choose to be by being loving, supportive men to children not of their gene pool are by far the BEST. I should know, I was raised by one and am married to another 🙂

  2. Bubbe, it’s not just men who can be sperm donors– women can be incubators. I know, my bio-mother was one.

    You may not have been blessed with a good bio-dad, but you were blessed later in life with an awesome man who took you and your girls into his heart and you came to know and love him as DAD.

    That is a blessing.

    I’m sorry he’s not here on the earthly plane anymore. Hold his memory tight and he’ll always be with you.


  3. In the end, the important thing is that you managed to find someone who you could call a Dad.

    There are still tons of people out there who can’t say that.

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