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Knee News

Or maybe the title should be New Knee, hmm?   

Sidebar:  Apologies for being MIA.  I finished the weekend off with a LULU of a migraine.  Plus I haven’t been able to catch up on my blog reading/commenting after changing my email address and forgetting it was associated with my Feed Demon account.  Now I can’t seem to get the updates.  So I’m going to have to visit each blog individually to catch up until I can figure it out.  I will get to that, I just have no idea how long that will take.  And now back to your regularly scheduled post.

If you’ve been here awhile you may have read this post about my knee issues and the injection I received back in December.  If not, GO THERE NOW!  Or not.  You don’t really need the background. 

After many years of knee discomfort, weakness, buckling and outright pain, I’m going to have a partial knee replacement.  Probably. 

The stuff they injected back in December seemed to help (NOT), but I don’t think there was enough of an improvement to try it again.  And I’m not saying that because I hate the idea of the injection.  Sure, if I scheduled another one I’d have the same anxiety I had the first time.  I’m nothing if not consistent!  After the first time though, I know it would be just fine.  I just don’t think the results were all that and a bag of chips. 

So when a co-worker saw me hobbling around after a particularly bad weekend awhile back she asked what was wrong.  Hey, she asked!!  What am I gonna do?  Lie and say I’m fine?  Oh.  Hell.  No.  After I bent her ear with more information than she probably wanted to know, she said I should go see her doctor.  She’s my age-ish and two years ago she had a total knee replacement.  Plus the doctor straightened out her leg which had been crooked from birth.  She couldn’t stop raving about him and once she gave me his name and number I called immediately and was thrilled to get an appointment the following week. 

In the interim I contacted my first orthopedic doctor and requested they send me the MRIs and other files to take with me to see Dr. W.  It wasn’t that I didn’t like my original doctor, Dr. C is great.  He wasn’t against a knee replacement per se, he merely wanted to see if other means would help me put it off for awhile.  I consulted with Dr. W mainly because of K’s rave review, not to mention that on Wednesdays he sees patients in the clinic across the street from my office.  No more taking hours and hours of leave just to see the doctor! 

He reviewed my medical records, examined the knee and suggested that a partial knee replacement might be beneficial.  Did you know they can replace part of a knee?  Me either!  And wouldn’t you know my knee would be weird?  Usually it’s the inside of the knee, the medial which deteriorates first.  My knee had to buck the system and destroy its outer, lateral compartment first.  Did you know the knee has compartments?  I didn’t.  See?  Coming to visit Bubbe teaches you things!  Not necessarily things you need to know, but still. 

The most difficult part?  Waiting.  Because of course now that I’ve pretty much decided this is the way to go each day seems a little more uncomfortable and now I’m up to my knees (ha!) in paperwork to get the ball rolling.  On a positive note though, I found this amazing resource – the BoneSmart forums!  Everyone there has had at least one (usually multiple) joint replacements or other joint surgeries.  The information is extremely helpful and the community is so encouraging and supportive! 

So?  How’s by you?

8 thoughts on “Knee News

  1. Bubbe, I noticed you haven’t been posting, but I thought you were canoodling, since you just had an Anniversary! But no, your knee went and acted up and your head decided to give you troubles. ARG.

    Aren’t we all just somethin’? Grammy’s back, Jo’s and my fibro, your knee…we’re just a bunch, huh? Well, the medical profession should be happy rakin in all that dough!

    Anyhoo, I had NO idea knees had compartments. Too bad we can’t store stuff there. I’m always in need of extra storage space!

    I hope the time flies by and you have a new partial knee in no time flat and you get to feeling better!

    Thanks for the info and the update.

    I still wish you had been canoodling or something a lot more fun though.


    • Re: canoodling – you and me both! 😀

      And hell yes! Knee compartments would be great! Bionic knee compartments even better! Woo hoo!

  2. I’m sorry that I missed your anniversary, and I hope it was terrific! I am also sorry about your knee, although you now having bragging rights on knee compartments and partial knee replacements, all of which was news to me.
    Maybe you and Pam and Grammy and I should have a “Falling-Apart-So-Let’s-Anesthetize-Ourselves party”. I’ll bring Fritos and vodka.

  3. Bummer on the knee! Oh, that sucks so bad it makes me hurt just thinking about it! I mean given the fact that I hate needles and avoid the doctor/dentist at all costs is making my imagining of knee surgery all that much worse. Good luck, Bubbe!!!!

  4. I’m bring cakes. One for each of us so Jo, Pam and I don’t fight over the buttercream and cuz you don’t like buttercream (wierdo)…and Moscato for all! I’m sorry about your knee junk Honey, that is major suckage. Myself, I will do anything to avoid surgery cuz I’m a big wienie but I’ll be sending major happy thoughts and wishes for yours to be 100% successful, for your healing time to be super quick and for your Hubs to spoil you rotten while you recuperate! {hugs}

    • Ohhh! Aren’t you sweet? Thanks Grammy. And yes, yes I am weird. My one-time pastor and his wife called me a traitor because I didn’t like chocolate! Seriously. I remember scarfing down all kinds of candy as a kid but now that I’m all grown up I can’t stand milk chocolate (unless it has something crunchy in it). When Hershey’s put almonds in their Special Dark bar? OMG – awesome!! 😀

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