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Mmm dreamy…

Meh, not so much.

I’m sure my readers will agree that being late for work is not one of life’s more pleasant experiences.  Hey, watch that langauge!  Well, not only did I dream I was late for work, I dreamt I was lost in the city.  Weird.  The weirdest part though?  It wasn’t the city I work in but it was the same city I’ve dreamt about being lost in before.  I remembered buildings but I know I’ve never seen them before.  I wish I could remember them NOW to describe them so maybe I could figure out where they are in reality — IF they exist in reality.  I suppose they could be a figment. 

The next segment of the dream that I recall was at a fancy dinner table.  You know the kind I’m talking about:  elegant place settings of crystal, china and silver arranged on expensive linen with elaborate centerpieces.  This was probably inspired by the brunch cruise we enjoyed on Sunday.  The tables were lovely although the dishware wasn’t china nor were the glasses crystal.  Who in their right mind would use real crystal on a river cruise with clumsy landlubbers!?  However, tablesetting is where the similarities ended.  We did not have Don Johnson at our table on the ship. 

See?  I have the strangest dreams.  The fancy dinner was hosted by Don and Melanie (though I’m pretty sure they are no longer a couple – correct me if I’m wrong, I haven’t the time to look it up now).  While I don’t recall specific conversation I remember a vibe of anticipation.  Don and Melanie were awaiting important news of a financial nature and the dinner was intended to be a celebration of sorts.  Which in no way explains what I was doing there. 

Fade out from dinner with the Johnsons and I wake to my doorbell ringing.  Except I don’t have a doorbell.  Hubby and I traipsed through the dark house to open the front door and found a mousy little man on our doorstep.  (We don’t have a doorstep either; it’s a big deck.)  He was wearing something official looking, holding a clipboard and was surrounded by uniformed men; for some reason I assumed they were police. 

“I’m here to inspect your bathroom,” said the little man by way of introduction.  He flips up a page on the clipboard and makes a note.  “It would save a lot of time if you already have a state certificate.”

Wow.  Still dreaming.  Thank goodness!  This one I think I’ve figured out.  Yesterday we went to Lowe’s and while Hubby was looking for whatever it is that Hubbys look for at Lowe’s, I browsed around on my own.  I needed an air freshener refill for the kitty litter area and while tracking those down I found a new product by the folks who bring us Scrubbing Bubbles

After reading the package and deciding it was a cool idea (and on sale!) I did the grown-up thing and put it back.  We don’t really need it; I’m perfectly capable of scrubbing my bathroom, toilet and all.  But there must have been some regret; why else would I have dreamed someone wanted to inspect my bathroom!

4 thoughts on “Mmm dreamy…

  1. Wow. From being lost in a strange city to a fancy dinner with celebs to cleaning your toilet….You really gotta lay off the spicy food before bedtime!

    • I never really gave it a lot of thought but looking back at some of those commercials I’d have to say you’re right. (shudder)

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