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DHFs (thanks Wily Guy)

Our youngest daughter K and her guy came over on Saturday to go with us to this huge pet fair at the park near our house.  It was a LOT of fun.  There were so many cool dogs!  And giant rabbits!  And parrots and reptiles and kitties!  Oh my!  Wish I’d remembered my camera.  We always enjoy hanging out with K & I; they have similar funny bones to ours so there’s a whole lotta laughin’ goin’ on when we’re all together.  When the walking finally took its toll on my knee and everyone else was pretty tuckered we headed back to our house where the “kids” cooked dinner for us as a belated Mother’s Day celebration.

Then we introduced them to Off Their Rockers and tried not to choke on the yummy tea cookies K whipped up for dessert!  So much laughter and carrying on that I hated to see it end.  But at nearly 11 pm it was time to clean the kitchen and say so long.

One of the best parts of the day was before they arrived.  I’m something of a neatnik when I know company is coming.  Usually I run around like a crazy person:  dusting; vacuuming; wiping down bathroom mirrors, sinks and cleaning other parts of the bathroom that guests might see.  I make sure all the dishes are washed and put away and the floors are swept and mopped.  I even prefer to have the laundry done – WTF?!  It’s a curse, carried over from living with one of the step-dads.

We’d go visit his sister where he’d lean in the doorway resting his hands on the top part of the frame.  Then he’d make a big show of holding up his dusty hands and making fun of his sister for having a dirty house.  Back at home my brother and I were tasked with cleaning our house so spotless his sister couldn’t pull the same stunt on him.  He was probably my least favorite of the step-dads.  Duh.

During the collapse of my first marriage and the early years after, house cleaning was my refuge.  It was the only thing I could control and most moments not spent at work were spent cleaning.  Even today as noted above, if I know someone is coming to visit I can go a little crazy.

So back to the point of this post – you thought I forgot didn’t you?  Nope, I just took the long way.  The best part of having the kids over Saturday was before they got there.  I got up early (hey, 7 is early for a Saturday, I’m not masochistic) and enjoyed my coffee and read a bit.  I think I went online for awhile.  A bit later I went to get Hubs up and moving.

Eventually I started thinking about the shape the house was in.  I’d done a quick wipe down in the guest bathroom the day before and emptied the trash.  In the living room there was visible dust on the media stand which is black lacquer and shows every.  damn.  mote.  I could see dog hair on the carpet.  And I did not go nuts.  I pulled out the Oreck, pushed it around the living room a little — more for me than for company, and called it a day.  NO DUSTING.  I didn’t wash the windows or mop the floors.

If it had been the other daughter or the SIL and MIL coming I don’t think I would have been so relaxed about it.  It reminded me of this post by the Wily Guy over at It’s MY Mind.  I guess I have DHFs too; three when we add in my BFF.  DHFs rock.  Thanks Wily Guy for reminding me.

Have a great weekend everyone!

4 thoughts on “DHFs (thanks Wily Guy)

  1. Oh My Gawd, we’re twins!!! I do the same thing when I know people are coming over, I used to be MUCH worse and drove the Hubs and Kids absolutely insane with my “COMPANY’S COMING!!!” antics (like painting the walls, having the carpets cleaned, making new curtains) but over the last 5 years or so I’ve chilled a tad. When the oldest daughter got married last fall I volunteered *slaps forehead* to host the rehearsal dinner at my house. We had about 35 Peeps here plus I had every available spare bedroom booked with overnighter and made about 4 trips to the airport to pick people up that day so I flat out didn’t have time to get all OCD about the state of my house. I delegated a few chores like clearing a path through the rooms so no one tripped and hurt themselves (thereby avoiding any liability lawsuits) to the soon to be SIL and called it good enough. The only room that didn’t get any attention whatsoever was the laundry room but who goes in there??? Me, apparently. The Wedding Dress was hanging in there and of course I proceeded to take all the female guests down to oooh and ahhhh over it. In the dirtiest room in the house…..because I’m braindead….And guess what??? NO ONE CARED ABOUT THE CLUTTER IN THERE. Which proved what my Hubs has said all along: people come over to see us, they don’t give a crap about the house. Please don’t tell him I said he was right……:)

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