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Blessings – count ’em

I do a LOT of whining here on my blog.  Hell, it’s MY blog, I can whine if I want to.  But sometimes I forget to look past what I’m whining about and just be thankful for my blessings.  What?  I do too have blessings, in spite of all the whining I do!  Look, I’ll show you

Blessing the first:  my job

Truly this is a blessing, especially these days.  I’ve worked as a legal secretary for 26 years (OMG, really?) and I’ve always been able to keep a roof over my head (well, there was that whole losing the farm thing last year, but I DO still have a roof) and food in the house (dog food counts right?  Hey, they have to eat too!).  Over the years I’ve never made a boo boo that got anyone in trouble with the court; I was nearly always polite to the inmates’ family members when they called (that’s a post for another day); and I have been so blessed by the attorneys I have worked with.  One of them helped me when I was ending my first marriage.  Another brought me a gorgeous rug back from her trip to Turkey!  Still another gives me red wine (2 bottles!) for Christmas every year.  Besides the obvious material benefits, they’ve all been really nice people. 

2nd Blessing:  my blogging “family”

I am so very grateful for my blogging buddies.  They (YOU, since you might also be my only readers) made me feel right at home when I started out.  Even when I spend all my time whining, they’re in my corner – and no they aren’t trapped there; they could leave if they wanted to, so there!  Not only do they read my words (I started to add “of wisdom” but didn’t think that was applicable) but they comment (♥ comments!) and give me advice or encouragement or comfort OR ALL THREE!  See? Blessings!  My blogging family includes JoGrammy, Dana, Pamela, Gia and RJ.  If by some chance you’re reading this and you are NOT familiar with them, check them out; they’re totally worth it!

Blessing numero tres:  no peri-menopausal mustache!

Seriously peeps, this is a HUGE blessing!  Recently I was reading another blog (sorry, I can’t remember which one, I follow too dang many blogs!) and one of the commenters talked about her peri-menopausal mustache — or maybe she said she didn’t have one.  Have I mentioned my short term memory disability?  In any case, seeing her mention it made me realize how smoothly my peri-menopause has gone overall.  Sure, I have the occasional hot flash and I wake up almost nightly now soaking wet from night sweats (sometimes more than once).  But I have NO MUSTACHE!  Or other unwanted hair showing up!  Woo hoo!!

So there you have it, 3 of my top blessings.  That’s not including the love of my life or my children and grandchildren who are all blessings.  No really, they ARE!  And then there are my dogs and my cat – yay for unconditional love!  Well, okay not from the cat so much but she blesses me in other ways.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. 

9 thoughts on “Blessings – count ’em

  1. I’m with Gia, non ‘stache sporting is a good thing….and I’m here to tell ya, if one starts to appear I have no problems WHATSOEVER removing it with a strip of duct tape….:)

  2. You are awesome, Bubbe! I’m so happy you popped up on my radar! Hooray for no ‘stache! They should really be left for the menfolk. Sometimes. Maybe not. Molestaches scare me.

  3. Thank you for including me in your family, sweet Lori! You’re part of mine,too!

    I got no ‘stache, but I do have the damned chin hairs, and they are the biggest pain in the patootie!!! Hate them!

    But, I love you!

    • Oh thank you! I have one of those hairs that grows out of a colorless mole just below my lower lip. I’m forever having to yank on it with tweezers so I understand the chin hair dilemma! Love you too, even if I can’t comment consistently :(.

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