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And now for something completely different


Seriously, how am I supposed to stretch my writing skills if all I ever do is write about family drama?  Sheesh. 

Next weekend we’re supposed to go to Portland and spend the night Saturday (about – 2 1/2 hours away) as a late Mother’s Day gathering.  The niece/granddaughter who lives there couldn’t make it up here for the actual holiday.  Or maybe she was visiting her mama.  [shrugs]  In any case, SIL, MIL, daughter and grandson are all going.  I wanted to bow out because the Ex is likely to make an appearance; she lives in Oregon after all.  But MIL insists and with Dad so recently gone how do we say ‘no, thank you’.  So Hubs hunted down a Motel 6 that will let us bring our dogs and we began exploring the possibility of renting a more fuel efficient vehicle for the trip. 

Just a few minutes ago I received an email from SIL.  “I’m booking a brunch cruise (for that Sunday) and wanted to be sure you guys were still going.”  I told her yesterday or the day before that Hubs had reserved a room for us so that should have told her something right?  But I guess when there is no refund for cancelling it’s better to be safe than sorry.  I confirmed it but then after sending the email realized we can’t go on a cruise because we’re taking our dogs with us and there’s nowhere to leave them for three hours.  I doubt they’d be welcome aboard the ship. 

It would have been nice to have some advance warning.  As it is, if reservations aren’t made today we may miss the boat (heh heh); this cruise apparently sells out pretty quickly.  Personally?  I’d rather hug everyone goodby at the dock and head for home early.  Oh sure, they serve free champagne on this cruise which is cool.  But that’s all I’d need — to load up on that and let fly uninhibitedly.  I could even unmask Bubbe and that would be bad.  So, so bad. 

What would the world be like without family drama?  I’m asking seriously.  I’d love to know what a drama-free life would be like. 


4 thoughts on “And now for something completely different

  1. Well for me personally? I’d be left with very little fodder for the blog without the good ‘ol Fam to irritate, annoy and generally piss me off….:)

    • Excellent point. I hope I can write about more than them but since I started this whole shebang as therapy I guess I shouldn’t complain. Dang it.

  2. I think unleashing Bubbe would make one hell-of-a story! hee hee (wicked laugh)

    I have family drama but only because “Twisted Sister” isn’t on a leash! My family has TRIED, but they’re just as friggin twisted, although THEY won’t admit it!

    I need to write some family drama stories and see what they do when they read them! I’ve been playing way TOO nice.

    Have fun on your trip, Bubbe. At least your dogs won’t give your grief!

    • Unleashing Bubbe — what a great title! I may borrow that if I ever decide to go public. I agree – my dogs are angels! No grief from them!

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