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Hope is near and love is present

Earlier this year my blogging buddy Jo over at The Bright Yellow Balloon introduced her readers to her pen palThe Universe.  Well okay, I guess they aren’t really pen pals.  The Universe sends Jo notes but I don’t think Jo can write back; who has that kind of postage?  And aren’t pen pals supposed to exchange correspondence?  But I digress, sorry about that.

I bring this up because after meeting her pal The Universe, I rushed right over to http://www.tut.com/ and signed up to get my own notes from The Universe.  Who doesn’t want the warm fuzzies?  And I needed them badly.  It’s been a tough couple of years, but we aren’t going there this time.

When I signed up for the notes I used my work email address so I would have them waiting for me first thing in the morning – what a great move that was!  I often don’t have time before leaving for work to check personal email and I’d have missed at least half of them if they were being delivered there.  Well okay, I wouldn’t have missed them.  I’d have read them late.  Some of them needed to be read on time y’all, they were that applicable to the day I was having.  More digression, sorry.  Get to the point Bubbe!

Yesterday I was slammed at work.  I managed to get one break in but had no time for stealth blogging or even drafting future blog posts.  Also there was more family drama via email, but we aren’t going there again.  So I arrived at work today emotionally exhausted, not to mention physically tired from not sleeping well and what does The Universe have waiting for me?  This gem:

No matter how things seem, Bubbe, hope is near and love is present.

In the house,
    The Universe

I’m not about to argue with The Universe.  If he says hope is near I’m counting on that.  I knew love was present; sometimes it doesn’t feel like it, but it’s there.  It’s nice to have confirmation.

I saved a bunch of my messages from The Universe, figuring I’d write a post about some of them one day.  I’ll probably still do that but this one was so timely and so soothing I had to share it now.  I hope it gives you the warm fuzzies too!

And Jo?  Thanks ever so much for introducing me to your pal. 

6 thoughts on “Hope is near and love is present

  1. I loved this message from TUT so much that I am thinking about getting it inked on my body (I don’t have any tattoos, yet). Just to remind me – because sometimes it is too easy to forget this simple truth. I just googled the phrase to see if it might be a famous quote – and I found you 🙂

    • Wow, small world! I could almost be jealous that someone else got MY message; but how can I when it brings me a nice new reader? Besides, everyone needs to hear positive messages now and again. Welcome, I hope you find stuff here to make you smile. ;D

  2. Lori, everyone signed up gets the same message, but you need to pretend that they don’t exist….the other people, I mean.
    AND, the day that I got the same message, okay, if you insist I’ll call it YOUR message….I ALSO needed it very badly and it made me feel really good, too.
    And you’re welcome. I love you.

    • Oh!! When it asked me to list a goal or goals when I signed up I thought it tailored messages according to that. And in fact, several times the message has seemed specific to that goal. Odd. But I’m happy to share! They’re so uplifting how could I refuse? I love you too! 😀

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