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Off Their Rockers

Betty White has a new show.  It involves an ensemble cast of feisty seniors who prank young people in various ways with hidden cameras.  I’ll let you ponder the possibilities for a moment. 

Hums softly, inspects cuticles.

If your imagination didn’t kick in and provide you with some idea of what to expect let me jumpstart it for you. 

Small spoiler ahead.

Say an older gentleman comes up to you looking dazed and confused and asks if you know about “that texting thing.”  Then when you acknowledge you do, he asks if you’d mind sending a text for him because he can’t see the keyboard.  Absolutely you would help him right?  What if it were your dad?  Or granddad?  You’d want someone to be nice to them.  So you take his phone and wait for him to dictate the message:  “Honey, I have the wine if you have the whip and handcuffs.  Tonight’s the night!” 

Remember the old guy is probably in his 60s or 70s and the young woman who is helping him is somewhere in her 20s.  Now does your imagination paint a picture of her reaction?  I know, right? 

Then there are the nuns, who are nothing like any nuns I’ve ever met – um, not that I’ve met a lot of nuns.  Actually I don’t think I’ve met any nuns ever.  So to be clear, I have no idea how real nuns behave but I’ll bet it ain’t like that!

Some of the pranks involve hot young men.  Like Cris Leche. 

Yowser!  Would you get a load of those blue eyes? 

And then there’s this: 

Isn’t he awesome?!

The crew pull their pranks at Union Station, in various airports, at the beach and in the supermarket (pool cue + Best Foods = ??).  Of all the episodes we’ve watched there were a couple of pranks I didn’t like.  They seemed kind of mean.   But overall the pranks are silly and fun.  The only thing missing is that they don’t show the prankees learning they were pranked.  That was one of my favorite parts of Candid Camera and I would have liked to see it here too. 

I can’t remember how we found this show – we don’t have cable or satellite so we don’t see commercials for new shows.  However it came about though, I’m loving it.  I think we – Grammy, Jo, Pamela – should make up an audition tape; maybe we can get a guest spot on the show!  You guys in?

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