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What the hell?  It’s May 1st and I’m still wearing a hat and scarf for the morning commute!  And this morning I wished I hadn’t swapped my winter coat for a lighter jacket – no lining equals chilly Bubbe. 

I miss warm weather.  Not hot mind you.  Warm.  Somewhere between 72 and 78 degrees would be perfect.  Much warmer than that and I wilt while Hubs lapses into a coma.  When it gets that hot it’s nice to have the pool.   

On the up side here, it’s not raining.  That’s supposed to start this evening.  Sigh.

So how’s your weather y’all?  Are you looking forward to a change? 


11 thoughts on “Brrr!

  1. I’m pretty sure winter is here to stay. Good for the aquifers but I don’t much enjoy walking around as the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man!

  2. Rain. And I hear that when that’s over, we’re expecting more rain. I like my rubber boots, but I’d really like sandals better.

    Better than snow. (I guess. Humph.)

    • I don’t mind the rain here except that it’s dang cold. It IS better than snow or ice. But I’m with you, I like sandals! Soon I hope.

  3. Air so thick with humidity it’s chewable. Temps in the 80’s, winds out of the south at about 25 mph. Typical North Texas springtime.

    And, I love the heat…can’t stand to be cold, so bring on the 100 degree days I say!

  4. Here in Pa we finally had two whole days of sunshine, then last night that ended with RAIN. It’s not super cold, although I’ve been having hot flashes so much I really don’t know what the heck the temperature is! My gosh, if I get any “hotter” I’m gonna be stripping in stores! And THAT will be very bad for local business!


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