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Anyone? Anyone?

Anyone remember colored bathroom tissue? 

Something about Administrative Professionals’ Week made me think of bathroom tissue.  Hmm, or maybe I was just desperate for a topic.  Yeah, one of those.

For some reason it occurred to me recently that I haven’t seen colored tissue in YEARS.  A LOT of years.  So I wondered when they started selling only white paper and why.  The Internet rocks y’all.  You can find anything, even the history of toilet paper

Did you know that toilet paper is bleached? 

“Incidentally, toilet paper in its natural state is brown and is bleached to obtain its white color.”  (from the above article)

Me either. 

By the way, Wikipedia didn’t like my search terminology: “colored bathroom tissue” but when I searched Ixquickthis came up.  This Wikipedia page included some of the same history that ehow.com had but it added a really unpleasant photo (eww).  Don’t say I didn’t warn you. 

As for why they discontinued colored paper in the first place, Yahoo had an answer.  Who knows if it’s correct, but it sounds reasonable. 

And now for the piece de resistance:  colored bathroom tissue still exists!  Or exists again.  Whatever.  Check out Extra Colorful.com – they have snazzy colors!  They also offer paper towels in beautiful, bright colors. 

I imagine you’re familiar with novelty print tissue.  Maybe familiar isn’t the most appropriate word.  How about aware?  I imagine you’re aware of novelty print tissue.  Better?  I thought so.   I think we’ve all seen examples of those prints – in catalogs, at the boss’ house, in the neighbor’s RV (what?  it was an emergency!).  Did you know there’s a website that sells more than fifteen different prints?  They range from Just Married to barbed wire to frogs (wearing crowns!).  I think I’ve just found my go to store for the holidays!

Annnnd that’s a wrap folks.  (But not with this kind of paper.)

Challenge:  I struggled to find a clever or witty ending for this post and as you can see … not so successful.  Please help a gal out and submit your ending in a comment?  I’d appreciate it muchly.

2 thoughts on “Anyone? Anyone?

  1. You said “I think I just found my go to store” and all I could think of was:

    Gotta go, Gotta go, gotta go right now….

    Annnnnnd now that jingle is stuck in my head. Thanks Lori!

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