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What NOT to say to your staff … twice

Last week an email showed up in my inbox from The Big Guy back East.  Identifying information has been changed but otherwise, the exact email is re-created below for your reading pleasure.  Try to control yourselves; it’s very touching.  Yeah … touching a nerve.

To: BigLaw Staff

Cc: BigLaw Lawyers


        On Wednesday, April 25, the firm will proudly celebrate Staff Appreciation Day, and I’d like to take a moment here to thank you on behalf of all of our lawyers for your extraordinary service to the firm and its clients. Our lawyers repeatedly hear from our clients that the BigLaw staff is unsurpassed in its dedication to client service. In the hectic and challenging world in which we live, teamwork usually prevails, and we are very fortunate that you are part of our team.

        I also wish to repeat my annual personal thanks. As many of you know, I travel the “circuit” of our offices more than most. I’m thus especially appreciative of the warm way in which I am greeted in each of our offices and of the seamless and efficient support I receive throughout the firm. I am not alone in this respect, as I hear the same reports from our many lawyers who travel when providing service to our clients. Please know that your efforts are not taken for granted and that many road-weary BigLaw travelers extend you their heartfelt thanks.

        Many of our staff have firmwide duties and functions.  Although resident in one of our offices, their roles cause them to support and interact with lawyers and other staff across some or all of our 41 offices.  These roles are crucial to any successful business enterprise.  Just as is true at the office level, we are so fortunate to benefit from the quality and dedication of our staff with firmwide duties. 

        In countless ways, all of you elevate the performance and stature of our law firm, and you do so with an unfailingly positive attitude toward our common goal of serving clients.

        All the best,

       The Big Guy

Sweet right?  Thoughtful and heartfelt.  What a great message of support and gratitude.  The Big Guy liked it so much he used it at least twice.

True story:  I forwarded the email to two of my co-workers and said, “I think this is word-for-word identical to his message last year.”

So my partner in snark (sniffle, sob) chuckles and then busies himself with something.  A few minutes later the printer next to him comes to life.  B walks over and hands me the pages he’s printed – last year’s Staff Appreciation Day email AND this year’s.

They are word-for-word identical.

Well that’ll show us how appreciated we are.   Want a tip Big Guy?  Know how to persuade the Staff that you really, truly appreciate us?

Show us the GREEN!

‘nuf said.

10 thoughts on “What NOT to say to your staff … twice

  1. HAH! Someone should have told him to tell himself to check his previous emails so as to avoid this situation. Or, you know, at least creatively reword a few sentences so he could at least SEEM original and heartfelt.

  2. Oh wow, what a schmuck.

    Why do some bosses forget that money or extra paid days off mean a hell of a lot more than saying “thank you”. You can’t put “thank you” on a plate and eat it nor can you put it in your gas tank…just sayin….

  3. Money talks and Bullshit sends repetitious emails…

    Having said that, the most appreciation we are usually shown by our Bosses is when they say “Hey, Dumbass! You’re not fired today”….so go you!

    • They DO love to remind us how lucky we are to be working. And I totally get that; it didn’t save the farm, but I still have a roof over my head and I’m not going hungry so I consider myself blessed.

  4. And just to clarify – it doesn’t have to be bucks, little OR big. It would be nice if they’d go back to giving us an extra paid day off. Those come in handy with the kind of year I’ve had already. 😀

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