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Dear Jo

Dear Jo:

I don’t understand why Blogspot hates me so.  For the last several days I have loyally followed your heartfelt posts at The Bright Yellow Balloon, and I’ve read every word.  I laughed.  I cried.  I grew angry on your behalf!  I commented on some.  Following Blogspot’s directive, I typed in the senseless drivel it requires to verify that I am not, in fact, a bot.  I even watched as Blogspot’s mental gears meshed and whirred and it posted my comments.  Success! 

Not even.  When I go back to see what new comments have been made mine are nowhere to be found!  Damn it!

How are you supposed to know I’m giving you love?  You won’t even know I’m reading your deepest thoughts and opinions and dreams (in a good, non-stalker way) because Blogspot won’t fuckng let me comment!  To tell the truth, I think it’s a conspiracy to keep you and I from consorting.  The Powers That Be probably know that if you and I put our heads together their heads will roll! 

After all, I can comment at Five Legs Between Us, also at Blogspot.  Dana can attest to that since I recently commented on how icky Cadbury eggs are (yes they are too!).  And a few days ago I posted a three paragraph comment for Gia at Mayor Gia – Blogspot again!  Then today I commented at Harts Beat, still another Blogspot blog. 

Also?  Blogger likes me just fine.  I comment all the time at gram-cracker.com, even as recently as today.  Hi Lori!  (waves)

So it’s obvious isn’t it?  Blogspot must be working for the Man.  Why else would they be keeping us apart this way?  I haven’t posted anything subversive lately.  And other than Sarcastic Bitch poking her head up, none of your recent posts seem to pose a threat to the Man.   I’m so confused!

I hate not being able to comment on your posts.  You make me laugh out loud.  And other times I want to hug you tight and tell you it’ll be alright.  How can Blogspot be so cold and heartless?  How!?

Know this — I AM reading every post.  I will continue to try to comment.  Hugs and prayers are aimed in your direction daily my friend.  Lots and lots of hugs and prayers!

Love always,


8 thoughts on “Dear Jo

  1. Weird! Recently (like the past few weeks), every time you commented it went to my spam folder, and I had to keep pulling it out. I dont *think* it’s still doing that. It’s driving me nuts – other random (definitely not spam) comments end up there too.

    • I learned after posting this that there’s a way to turn off the “captcha” feature but if you did that then wouldn’t you get MORE spam? Probably not worth the hassle.

  2. Bubbe, for some stupid-assery (yes I make up words) reason, your comments go to my spam folder!

    I turned off “captcha” last night. I haven’t received any robots commenting so I don’t know if “captcha” is catching them or not. Only one way to find out, right?

    I had a problem a little while back posting on other blogspot blogs. I had to clear my cookies or something. I can’t remember, sorry, my memory is bad! But read this link, it might help, about half way down the person timethief gives a list of what you can try:


    Hope it helps!!

    Have a superfantabulous weekend!

    • That’s very helpful, thanks Pamela! I’m usually stealth reading/commenting at work and we have an old browser version which I’m not supposed to update so that could be part of the problem.

      Fortunately there are rumors they’ll be updating our browser soon. Maybe that will help.

      Thanks again!

  3. I love you MUCHLY, and we’re going to have to use my rocket launcher. We’ll make a day of it. (As soon as I find out where they are…..)
    And your last comment stayed. They know.

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