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Change stinks

My partner in snark is moving on.  Damn it.  My co-worker (the one who generously paid it forward when he gave me his nearly new Kindle Fire recently) is leaving.  I have a really big SAD.  Sorry, I can’t say “I haz” with a straight face.

B told me last week before he gave his notice that he was going and my initial reaction has not changed – it SUCKS so much!  I know he’s been unhappy here for a long time though.  He wasn’t blessed with attorneys as nice as mine on his desk.  I’ve heard how one of them talks to him and I don’t know whether I would have lasted as long as he did.  Add to that the deteriorating morale since the “merger”; reductions in benefits; and how unhelpful HR really is, and you get a recipe for depression, if not outright disaster.

I’ve been at BigLaw for almost 14 years; for most of those years I’ve had only the best people on my desk.  My bosses are genuinely nice.  And all those years I’ve watched other secretaries plug along with attorneys who are at times demanding, arrogant, accusatory, demeaning, vitriolic, etc.  I should clarify that in the office I work in most of the attorneys are nice.  It’s only a handful of attorneys who are difficult, to put it mildly.  But when you have even a few who spew nastiness, it gets around.  It’s going to get very bumpy around here in a couple of weeks.

I’m happy for B, truly happy.  He deserves a boss (or two) who appreciate him.  But damn it I’m going to miss snarking with him.  And the laughter.

Did I mention change stinks?

13 thoughts on “Change stinks

  1. Aw, Bubbe, that’s such a bummer. Change can stink sometimes, a lot. Then again, it’s a good thing for B, so, maybe, it will end up being a good thing for YOU! I really hope so! But all in all, I’m SO glad you don’t have crappy bosses. THAT would make this “change” even worse!

    • I can definitely see the bright side. B is nearing retirement age; he deserves some good people around him who will treat him respectfully. I’ll miss him but there’s always email. And snarkmail! 🙂

  2. Boo! No fun having a partner in snark leaving! I’m facing the same thing at work soon and it’s killing me just a little inside. How do you work with attorneys? I mean, don’t their egos get in the way? Or bump each other in the hall? I always wondered what it would be like to work for one….

    • There have been some attorneys I’ve worked with who had ego issues. Mostly though in my almost 25 years as a legal secretary I’ve been lucky to get the good ones. I KNOW how good I have it!

  3. Dang, I was all ready to commiserate, and then I went to Dana’s link….I lost my empathy whilst being happy-laughing…….
    I’ll come back with it as soon as it shows up.

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