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Know what would be cool?

Well, maybe not cool exactly.  Know what would be helpful?


We buy paper towels and bathroom tissue in the large sizes – a dozen or more rolls.  The paper towels aren’t the problem.  I don’t have space to unpack those and stow them, so the full package sits on my washer in the laundry room and I pull out a roll as I need it.

It’s bathroom tissue I have an issue with.

I rip off the wrapper and stack the rolls of tissue in my linen closet in the bathroom.  The wrapper, as you might imagine, goes in the trash.

What’s wrong with that you ask?

Did you ever grab a different tissue than your regular brand?  Maybe you were in a strange store or they were too close together on the shelf.  You didn’t realize the mistake till you were unpacking the groceries at home.  Maybe you didn’t realize it even then if the packaging was similar.  But the minute you begin to use that first roll of “not your brand” of tissue you KNOW.

It might be because it’s not as good as your brand.  Well that’s fixable eventually.  You have to get through the package you bought and you can go back to your old standby.  Or if you have a guest bath you can stock up in that bathroom and go get your favorite right away.

But what happens if you buy “not your brand”, unwrap and stack it in your linen closet and when you go to use that first roll – it is SO MUCH BETTER than your old brand that you know you have a new favorite?  If you’ve tossed the outer wrapper how do you remember what brand you bought by mistake?


On the cardboard liner under all the tissue.

Not peel-off sticky labels, but what if they used printed card stock to create the roll liners?

See?  How cool would that be?  Somebody needs to get on that.

Happy Sunday everyone!

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