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I’ve created a monster

…and it’s me.

W (w…w…w…) W (w…w…w…) F (f…f…f…)!!!   Okay, be honest – does that convey echoing or is it just too busy?

If you read that in a booming announcer-man voice then I think you have the wrong idea.  This post is not about the World Wrestling Federation or whatever it’s called.  Nope, not a fan of too-muscly, sweaty men in skimpy costumes slamming each other into the mat.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that!

My new addiction requires a wi-fi hotspot.  It involves creativity with language.  And taking turns.

Any guesses?

Hmm?  No?  Three words … Scrabble to go!  Okay, it’s really Words With Friends!  But you probably already knew that.  Unless you guessed Draw Something, which I would totally stink at.

A little background might be in order.  When I got back to work after the whole death in the family, walking pneumonia debacle, my coworker B (note – NOT coirker; thanks to Ghostie – I learned this term from her) had a surprise for me.  Sorry, sorry – that sentence was a hot mess.  Said coworker’s mama had unexpectedly sent him money with the instruction that he was to do something nice for himself.  He decided an Ipad was just the ticket!  While the Apple store employee was walking him through the set up somehow it came up that B uses a Kindle for his reading.

Apple store employee:  You know you can read your Kindle books on the Ipad, right?

B:  Really?

Apple store employee:  Yeah, absolutely.*

After downloading the Kindle App for the Ipad, B successfully transferred all his Kindle stuff to the new device.  Now he only had to carry one electronic gizmo everywhere rather than two.  Win!  So what to do with the nearly new Kindle Fire he bought himself for his last birthday?

Did you guess?  Yeppers – B GAVE it to me!  I tried to pay him for it but he said since the Ipad was a gift to him, he wanted to gift the Kindle to me.  Yow!  WIN-WIN!

Stick with me, you’re almost caught up. 

I proceeded to finish the library books I’d downloaded (when I was home sick) to my netbook via my Kindle PC app, which had automatically transferred to the Fire when I registered it.  (Phew that was a long awkward sentence, wasn’t it?)  I bought a couple cheapy books and started checking out apps.  Words With Friends was already on the Fire when I got it and after getting acquainted with the reader I started my first game.  When that got too slow I finally logged on to Facebook from the Kindle and invited my daughter to play.  Which put me up there as a WWF player and my niece in Virginia invited me to play.

I now have three different games going at the same time!  And I can’t wait to see what their next moves are!  The first thing I do in the morning is check to see if someone added a word.  Okay, I make coffee first, then I check WWF.  Whenever I take a break at work I slip off to the conference room or our cafeteria and log on to the wi-fi to see the games’ status.  At home I find myself checking to see if it’s my turn every time I walk by the Kindle.

So, monster or not? 

*Not an accurate transcription of actual conversation. 

Update (and I haven’t even posted this yet!):  I lost my first round even though I had over 300 points (and my opponent didn’t).  I had to resign because all the letters were gone and I had a Q and a C which I could NOT for the life of me find a place to play.  So I guess it’s kind of like Whose Line is It Anyway?  The points don’t matter.  Dang it.

8 thoughts on “I’ve created a monster

  1. I’ve been very studiously avoiding Words With Friends. Every time a friend starts playing it, they disappear for weeks at a time. And that kind of commitment would seriously interfere with my Doctor Who obsession.

    • Oh! Another Doctor fan! YES! Hubs introduced me to the Doctor and I returned the favor when I made him a Doctor Who scarf. Love the Doctor!

  2. WOO-HOO, I’m a teacher!

    Congrats on the new Kindle baby! I love my old-fashioned one to bits. (Not literally.) I’ve been avoiding WWF for much the same reasons Dana has – I just don’t need something else to obssess over.

    • This is why I wanted an “old-fashioned” one, so it would just let me read. But I’m really liking that I can load on the TV episodes I need to catch up on and watch them on the train on my way to work! Now if I can just figure out how to watch Dexter and still read The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo!

    • What operating system is your cell phone? Maybe I should ask if you have a cell phone…I didn’t for a long time and wouldn’t now except for my SIL’s family plan. WWF works on the Android platform so if you have a phone that uses Android you should be able to play. But I’m warning you…it is crazy addictive! 😀

  3. Oh you got a “pay it forward”!! That’s so freaken awesome! I LOVE those! And you so deserve it, Bubbe!

    And I might be a bit jealous 😉


    I want a Kindle Fire, or at least an e-reader of some sort. Don’t know if I’d be playing word games with people because then I’d NEVER get anything done! I’m on line way too much now!

    But you go girl! Get a dictionary. That’s what my husband does when we play Scrabble. He doesn’t use it to SPELL words..he uses it to LOOK up words…the cheater.

    • Thanks Pam. Yes, I love pay it forwards too! I’ll be paying something else forward as soon as I figure out what. Have a fabulous weekend – we have sunshine in the forecast for the first weekend in a LONG time; I’m so looking forward to it!

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