Home » Uncategorized » Ever wonder what happens AFTER Easter?

6 thoughts on “Ever wonder what happens AFTER Easter?

    • It was my first time seeing this one, how’d I miss it before?! The American Bar Association has a Peep contest every year – some of the entries are so hilarious!

  1. THAT slut! Riding that pole! My virgin eyes!

    I wouldn’t mind playing a round of poker though!

    Damn it, Bubbe, I want to go to the casino NOW! I don’t want to wait until May 24th (my anniversary)!!

    • Hahahaha! You have TWO sons, your eyes passed virgin a long time ago honey! Probably shortly after my own! And I say go the casino now! Treat it as a warm-up for the trip next month! πŸ˜‰

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