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Yes, Hubs and I survived two whole days with the family!  One more farewell dinner tonight for the sister from NC who flies home tomorrow morning, and we’re released from family duty for another week. 

Wow, that sounds really bad.  It’s not a duty really.  But the heightened emotions that I knew were going to be involved made it feel like I was carrying someone around on my shoulders the entire weekend. 

More on the weekend later.  For now I’m going to get back to work and anticipate the pineapple mojito my daughter is going to buy me at dinner tonight.


8 thoughts on “Survived!

  1. Oh, so glad you are still kicking Bubbe! And good thing it’s not the in-laws!

    Family, for as much as we love them, can be draining.

    Enjoy that pineapple mohito. It sounds very refreshing on a warm day like today (you had a warm day, yes?) and what a way to kick (no the the in-laws) back and relax!


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