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Tee for Three

Third in a series of online shopping posts (Part 1 is here; this is Part 2) begins with Threadless.com.  Threadless is another site that offers tees, hoodies, bags, iPhone covers, etc.  They also have a collection which is offered at Society6.com.  There’s a lot of silliness but some of the artwork here is absolutely incredible!  There are way too many to choose from but I’ve included a few examples.    




This one’s called Dr. Hoo?
I’m wearing it right now! 
Isn’t it cute? 


The designer calls this one Thumbper.  Clever!


Stunning isn’t it?  The designer calls it ElectriciTree.



    I LOVE the colors on this one!  It’s called Ka-Bloom!





Just wow!!


Owl Nebula


Red Bubble is a lot like Mental Floss and Society 6.  They have LOTS of crazy and cool designs, and some creepy ones.  One of my favorite things about Red Bubble is they offer 5 different styles, including a vee-neck, which I really like.  Their designs are available on tees, hoodies, as artwork, stickers, iPhone cases, etc.  Here are some designs that spoke to me.  They said, “Buy me now or else!” 

   I knew Yoda was cool but he really rocks these shades!

Wear this one at your local Starbucks





Ooooh, sparkly!  I think I’ve found my shirt for Halloween!


This one’s called Broken Glass.  Love it!




Okay, last one.  I’m a big fan of Firefly and there were so many Firefly and Serenity themed designs I had a hard time selecting just one for this post.  The silhouette and that great glowy background sell this one though.  So. Awesome. 

I’m not as familiar with Snorg Tees as I’d like to be.  They have a lot of designs I’ve seen elsewhere but I found a lot of what I considered originals as well.  They also offer some really wild hats, check it out: 



Here are some shirts I liked.  I don’t think I could wear either of these first two to work though, dagnabit!

   There are people who don’t like bacon? OMG!   

 Give ‘em melons!


Ahh, the classics…    
So we’re all optipessimists?
Sorry guys, I can’t seem to stop!  So many freakin’ cool designs! 


Phew!  Okay, that’s a wrap!  The tee shirt posts are finally finished!  Thanks for stopping by.  If you did I mean.  If you didn’t, then thanks for nothing. 



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